io ce l'ho fatta

Why not tell stories with a happy ending? The project Io Ce l’ho Fatta was born to give voice to the stories of ‘ordinary’ positivity. “Every day, in every part of the world, there are people who win big and small battles of life, realize dreams and desires, reach important goals, defeat diseases or overcome problems. It is these people we want to talk about, telling the stories of those who, looking back, can exclaim: I did it”.

io ce l'ho fatta

io ce l'ho fattaThis is how Cristiana Lenoci tells us that, together with Daniele Orlandi, she manages the website Both experts in the world of communication started from the assumption that few talk about the things that are good, those who did it: “We do not have particular stories at the base of our choice to give space only to positive realities and to people who, in somehow, have successfully changed their lives on a personal or professional level”.

While Cristiana talks about Io ce l’ho fatta, her clear and bright eyes shines through her determination to give voice to those who want to live with optimism and enthusiasm, which can find the right ideas on the site browsing through the various categories.

From the Battles for civil rights to those for the environment, to the stories of those who tell how the passion has invented a job, under the heading “Guides” where you find advice of all kinds: on how to open a nursery in your own home or on how to have good social relationships can prolong life or, moreover, how to face an illness, a divorce or a mourning by adopting the principle of resilience, that is the ability to resist the impact of life without breaking.

Other interesting stories are those hosted by the section “Innovative ideas” in which to find ideas for a daily green style or responsible tourism, in “Life choices” in which to read the experiences of those who made it by saying goodbye to smoking or winning the depression up to “Stories from the world” in which are collected the testimonies of people who tell their stories from every part of the globe.

io ce l'ho fatta

What has moved us the most, however, was the one told in first person by Cristiana about her experience as a mother of her wonderful Savio: a story that teaches you to trust in the future and especially in the next and, why not, a history of good health all Italian. We will not tell you but we invite you to read it directly on the website:

In short, the first one that made it is her! In a simple and almost disarming way, she concludes: “we just wanted to tell stories that were somehow an incentive to others, of the series if he/she did it, I could do it myself going against the widespread trend of trash at any cost with the stories of blood and the chronicle that create morbid attention, but we are convinced that we should change the setting to live a little ‘better and more peaceful”.
How can I disagree with her?

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