We, Arturo and the blog

Guarda la gallery

We want to tell about fifteen years of travel together: we with our beloved Arturo, a beautiful Golden Retriever. And we do it today because just today, October 17, he celebrates 15 years. And we want to tell also how did the idea to create a blog that recounts our present and future travel experiences with an eye to the past. We started our rounds with Arturo in Italy and in Europe very soon, but his first ever trip was what led him from Tuscany, home to its “first” parents, in Puglia to find us: his “mother” and his “daddy” definitive. Then the capital, Rome, with his first laps on the leash and his first pee in the parks … And, more, the snow in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where he still loves to dive and to roll around and known, paradoxically, since we live seven kilometers from the Adriatic coast, before the sea.

A gallery of memories, fixed frames accompanying this post, that there never will abandon us. A lot of anecdotes to tell, good stories to remember. That are not finished yet, because at the end of each trip, all without exception, never fail to greet Arturo! Like that time in Rome, one of many that we went back with him, when the entire staff of a well-known hotel on Via Veneto on our departure came down in the lobby to greet him: all in a row as you do with a general!!!

And so our blog is born from here, from the desire to share these stories, perhaps facilitating the life and the journey, with our advice, to who decides not to give up to have himself his own “hairy”. We have not ever done, except when we had to catch a plane. It would be a useless torture to travel your dog in the hold, so we limited our long-haul tour, following a way of traveling slow and adding to our laps between churches and museums also city parks or walks in the woods and countryside. But Arturo has adapted well to everything, even to be left “parked” at the ticket offices of the museums. And at the end of the visit, most of the time, they did not want to return it: he became an attraction!Then in the blog we tell you of the beauty and poetry that are born from the meeting with a four-legged and how, with a little of organization, it is not difficult to travel with them. For his part Arturo gives his judgments for accommodations reserving his five bones, the highest rating, to whom, as well as spaces and attentions, gave him a cuddle. The appointment is every week with the index books and the post of Città Meridiane. Are you ready to follow us?