From today without Arturo

Noi a Otranto

Arturo is gone. The blog, born with him and for him, told all trips made together in the past sixteen months, but with the goal of making a participant who reads our stories of all the tour completed in sixteen years of life together. Arturo came with us to the last tour, in the Gargano at the end of July, which we will post these days.

Then, we begin again to tell the places and the adventures that we lived together, because as we said from the beginning, that is since April last year when the blog was created, the purpose of Città Meridiane is to describe some of the beautiful emotions we tried with our dog on vacation, convincing other people that travel with their pets is not complicated and does not require more than a normal organization.

In a strange twist has made us the fate reserved for: the journey already planned in September will bring us in Tuscany, the birthplace of Arturo and from which, on Christmas Eve of 2000, he arrived in Puglia. We will go back without him, who will travel in our hearts and in our thoughts. And, anyway, we will continue to provide advice and helpful tips to all those who follow us and travel with their furry in tow, as stated in our Guidebook

And we will go on in the blog to tell you about places to go with your four-legged, the places where they are accepted and the best routes to do with them, continuing our story of beauty and poetry that are born from the encounter with a four-legged and than it is not difficult to travel with them. The only index book that there will no longer be the personal of Arturo with which he gave his judgments for accommodations reserving his 5 bones, the highest rating, to whom, as well as spaces and attentions, gave him a cuddle.

(Ph. di Roberto Cofano)



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