We travel with him!

Today, for those who decide to go on holiday with his dog it became definitely easier to book one in hotels that accept our furry four-legged friends thanks to the many sites reporting Hotels & C. where are welcome. In addition several blogs dealing with the subject trip, have suggestions for those who decide to go with the whole family, including dogs and cats. But more than ten years ago it was not so. Our Arturo in October last year he turned 15, and we can say that since he was 4 months has increasingly come on the road with us. Of course it was not always easy to “convince” hoteliers and owners of bed and breakfast to accept his presence in the room.

One of the havens for those traveling in the company of his dog is France. With Arturo we were in Haute Savoy, Provence, Camargue and the French Riviera. And there, a little ‘ everywhere, to feel neglected we were us humans! At the restaurant before even showing us the menu, they asked if they could bring a beautiful bowl of fresh water for Arturo. And in the hotel in Aix-en-Provence our quiet furry friend drank his daily ration of milk next to our table in the breakfast room. Excesses across the Alps?

The mountain is also the right place for any type of dog because, while the sea remain prohibitions of areas and time periods, there the dog is welcome everywhere, from the shelters to the woods around the slopes. How many walks I and Arturo have done in the snow and how he amused him to jump and roll around in the refreshing candor!
More problematic was the relationship with the big cities: in Rome and in Milan we had many difficulties to get a taxi that accepted on board too. No obstacle, however, on public transport, including metro. Even the sea, as I said, there are several impediments. Our favorite was always gladly hosted on any type of vessel, but sometimes try a beach or a portion of the rock only for us not to create disturbance to others is really a problem. That resolve has brought us unexpected results … Like the time we walked in Sardinia between the Mediterranean bush until, reaching a cove, we experienced the atmosphere of “Blue Lagoon”: crystal-clear sea, pink sand, in the company of only a pair of cormorants.

In Salento, in Torre San Giovanni, we have our own way to enjoy the sea: from the beach with pedal boats reach the islands of rocks in front , and here, in turn, come to us to swim those who, having noticed that curious dog board that seems to play the role of captain of long course, address the short stretch of sea to reserve Arturo a caress and have a chat with us.

I hope that this story of some of the good feelings that our dog made ​​us live on vacation, get other people who travel with their pets is not complicated and does not require more than a normal organization. So… we travel with him!

But, meanwhile, it is still good, especially for those who are beginners, observe some basic rules to better prepare the journey. Do not forget to bring health card, certificate of civil registration canine, kennel or mat, bowls (an inflatable or collapsible bowl can be helpful in walking), food, pallets and sanitary bags, pesticides and even a small first aid kit: especially when they are still puppies dogs and cats tend to get into trouble!
Check before you leave that in the area where you are headed rabies vaccination is not compulsory to be carried out if the destination is between the territories on the border with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. But it is also required to Sardinia. To cross the border with dogs, cats and ferrets, you must have your passport provisions of EC Regulation no. 998/2003.


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