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To discover the most beautiful region of the world: writes it the National Geographic and we believe! Not only because it is our land, but also because we do not tell it to never finish. Today we are featuring Gargano. Or rather, that part of the Spur of Italy facing west, so that here you can watch the wonderful spectacle of the sun at sunset plunges into the sea, even though we are on the Adriatic, that is, on the eastern coast of the peninsula.

One of the surprises of this Apulia a little ‘ least known, among lakes, brackish those of Lesina and Varano, and the green of Bosco Quarto, where, in the thick carpet of ferns you expect at any moment jumps out of an elf!

The whole Gargano, including Tremiti islands that tell you another time, falling within the territory of the famous National Park (National Park of Gargano, tel. +39 0884 568901 – one of the richest in Italy for natural beauty and history. On the coasts reign the pine forests of Aleppo pines with their pungent smell mitigated by the delicate scent of the mastic, the strawberry tree and the various Mediterranean plants. Inside the green becomes even thicker among the olive trees of the Umbra Forest and the woods that hold another of the treasures of this land: the 83 different species of orchids, 70% of all those in Europe.

For those who love the sea there are many long and golden beaches between Vieste and Peschici, but almost impassable in July and August because it was too crowded. It must point out that for those of us traveling with pets in tow, the sea resorts of Vieste, Vico del Gargano, San Menaio and Rodi Garganico offer different solutions thanks to the initiative of ANPANA “Vieste Animal Friendly” which assure reception in many beaches. Everyone who enjoys a free beach, however, may go with furry friends, walking by the Mediterranean plants, on the of sandy beach that separates the lake from the sea of Varano.

From small Capojale marina pier (Kiosk Port of Capojale – tel . +39 340 7088929 – on line tickets on you can reach the Tremiti daily with departure at 9.40 and return at 16.50: a way to discover the 12 miles from Gargano archipelago in one day visiting San Domino and San Nicola, the only inhabited, and the caves and the wonderful hidden coves of Cretaccio and Capraia. The boat ride you can admire from the sea the “Bue Marino Cave” , the “violets” and that “the swallows” in San Domino, as well as the rock sculptures created by millennia of wind and sea workings: the Rock Elephant, the Ripa of Falconi, Punta del Diavolo. And it is only by sea that you can reach the most beautiful coves, such as the wonderful beach of Pagliai in San Domino.
For the diving enthusiasts Tremiti are a real paradise which, since 1998, has joined the enormous statue of Padre Pio, located near the island of Capraia, which represents the world’s largest underwater statue, lying to 14 meters deep.

Also worth a visit Rodi Garganico, another point from which you can sail to the islands and in which to get lost in the labyrinthine alleyways and staircases of Vuccolo district.Finally, even an apparent contradiction: around the village of Rodi, the city stretched between the rock and the sea, the area is an expanse of citrus trees that grow thanks to the ideal microclimate offered by the sun and the Adriatic slight breezes. Another of the surprises in store for us the wonderful Apulian promontory.

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