The condominium garden, the tall buildings around it and the somewhat anonymous door do not suggest anything of the interior of this refined and comfortable dwelling located in the heart of the city Foggia: the B&B La Casa Pugliese.

An advance home that announces Puglia

Entering, you feel an intimate luxury interpreted by an old chest of drawers repainted in a relaxing color between lavender and periwinkle, which returns in all the furnishings together with restful beige and gray, and suggests the idea of ​​an unconventional reception that overlooks in a bright living room kitchen with a large balcony where breakfast is served in the summer.

On the sides there are four rooms, one single and three double, which recall the names of as many areas of Puglia: Tavoliere, Gargano, Murgia and Salento, which was ours during the stay by Stefania and Gianni who opened the preview for us their house.

The history of each of the rooms is told by frank materials, often borrowed from nature, in the typical style of this region with sobriety and attention to detail.

Each environment conveys an immediate sense of well-being that comes from the pleasure you get from admiring the details without ever getting tired. While the comfort is guaranteed by the autonomous regulation of heating and air conditioning and by the presence of TV, free Wi-Fi 24h and private bathroom.

La Casa Pugliese is a place that has made up for the lack of a boutique hotel in the city, a structure with few rooms and an atmosphere that makes you feel at home even when you travel. A space where you can regenerate at the end of a working day or a pleasure trip and which, moreover, is helping to change the face of this round of streets not far from the center of Foggia. A structure chosen by guests who have the taste for different places, quiet and relaxing, and who want to go comfortably to discover the city or the surroundings.

As Stefania and Gianni told us, it was not easy to create La Casa Pugliese because in this airy apartment everything was rebuilt, starting from the floors that were raised both to allow the accommodation of the systems and to acoustically insulate the rooms from those below.

The watchword for the furnishings and decor has been tradition but revised in a very personal way with an intimate and welcoming touch like at home to be shared with close friends. There is no trace of cold contemporary design and from the entrance you feel wrapped in a warm embrace that takes you back to the simple homes of the past, rediscovers the charm of small things and leads almost everyone who comes to Puglia to discover peculiarities of the region through a sort of visual and sensorial journey.

That the next morning continues with the breakfast that the owners like to emphasize is a feast of “extreme pugliesity”, between the sweet of pies and homemade biscuits and the savory of the inevitable friselle with tomato and cured meats, cheeses and dairy products strictly locals.

We can only conclude with the words of Stefania and Gianni who have allowed us to be, together with Otto, among the first guests of their bedandbreakfast that speaks of Puglia in every corner: “We have understood that if we like something, if we like it both, here it will find a place anyway. With the passing of the years it will still acquire beauty and will not be affected by fashions, it lives today, as it will live tomorrow in this house open to friends”. A home where it’s always nice to come back.

La Casa Pugliese
Via Silvio Pellico, 5 – Foggia
Info: +39 338 7516954 – +39 333 5828602


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