It is enough to cross the large and massive wooden door of the B&B Cortile Fondo Noce to enter another world. Outside the urban and modern chaos, inside you find the pleasure of silence, of greenery and of sleeping under ancient vaults.

One of the last ancient courtyards of the late 1800s

And we gladly take refuge between the relaxing and enveloping backdrops of the high walls in the courtyard which gives its name to the structure together with the area in which it stands, which has always been called Fondo Noce.

Fondo Noce

We are in Bisceglie guests of Mario and Ida in this bed and breakfast where the atmospheres are suspended in time and everything is a sort of regenerating caress for eyes, mind and soul.

“The house was bought by me and my sister and together we took care of the project in detail” – Mario tells us. The renovation was a real restoration process as there was immediately the firm will to respect the origin of these houses that once were so many here and of which today there is almost no trace. Mario and Ida wanted to save this piece of history of their city and bought the semi-ruined house that had to be torn down.

“With such a powerful story, the desire was to leave the signs of the time” – adds Mario. The effect is a bit alienating: the garden full of plants that guarantee flowers in every season of the year seems to have always existed there, while the long balcony that runs along the building is reminiscent of the railing houses typical of certain Milanese neighborhoods.

“The philosophy of preserving and wanting to enhance the original environments was immediately supported by both of us and always together we developed the furnishings by combining family memories and pieces found here and there” – they explain to us in unison when, sitting in the warm sun on the terrace, we enjoy together with Otto the abundant and delicious breakfast based on delicious homemade cakes, fragrant croissants, brioches and the delicious jams that Ida prepares with non-obvious combinations such as strawberries and mint.

The rooms are only three, one different from the other but with the same retro style that refers to a house of another era. It contributes to give this atmosphere the meticulous recovery that was done on doors and windows and where it was not possible to reuse what was there was replaced by “modern” material which was given a pleasant patina of time.

As a counterpoint to the historicity of the structure, the modern and functional bathrooms with furnishings that recall the colors and style of the house. Everywhere we take great care in preserving the soul and history of the house as much as possible: natural materials and colors, romantic decorations and a certain amount of French were chosen for the furnishings.

So the headboard of the bed in our room is in a canvas with a warm bread-paper shade with a sort of bag that can be removed to facilitate cleaning and even in the relaxation corner, to which a short staircase leads, the armchairs show off dusty colors.

Fondo NoceEverything contributes to creating an effect that goes beyond space and time and that leads to a place without context. In one word, enchanting: an address-gem known more by foreigners than by Italians.

Those who arrive here, guided by word of mouth, appreciate the tranquility and the family welcome. And he falls in love a little. Just as Mario and Ida had fallen in love with this area, Fondo Noce, kept in the name of the B&B.

B&B Cortile Fondo Noce
Via Fondo Noce, 25 – Bisceglie (BT)
Info: +39 320 4825666



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