Do you know Friulane or Furlane? Before telling the origin of these shoes from ancient history, we must emphasize that we are talking about them now in #Stilinviaggio because in a period in which it is necessary to stay at home, the Friulane represent the ideal footwear to feel comfortable and at the same time chic even between the walls of your home.

Comfortable and chic slippers

Also called scarpets or papusse are the slippers that for centuries in Friuli women have made using the little they had available. In fact, they were mostly made with poor and waste materials: the sole was obtained from old bicycle tires, the internal padding from jute bags used to transport seeds and grains, the uppers were scraps of fabric and fabric remnants.


Considering the shoes of the party, they were worn on Sunday and by the brides on the wedding day and each area had its distinctive note, which could be a seam, an embroidery, a decoration or the shape of the tip.


When they arrived in Venice from the mountains of Friuli they became the shoes of the gondoliers of the Serenissima because the non-slip sole did not spoil the paint of the precious boats. It is said that shortly afterwards the nobles also adopted them, because they allowed them to sneak, lightly and without making any noise, towards the rooms of their lovers.

In short, Friulane have never been simple slippers. And I’ve always loved them! Light and comfortable when traveling, but also ideal now that we are forced into the house: low and silent, they are much more elegant than simple slippers.


My first Friulane were in smooth burgundy velvet and I purchased them more than twenty years ago in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Since then I have been unable to do without it! The last? I bought them in Venice in mid-September last year: Le Papù by Parutto Calzature.

I chose them in soft velvet and in a sunny orange nuance, to anticipate autumn and at the same time still keep the warm colors of summer, and as I like them: with the slightly rounded tip that guarantees a contemporary touch to the model more traditional. What do I match them with? On the road, I like to wear them under soft trousers and linen shirts with silk scarves that recall their color. At home … with everything: from pajamas to silk skirts.

But there is also the possibility of ordering and buying them on the Internet. Among the various online shops I chose the one of the Creazioni Fratta brand not only because their furlane are of excellent quality both in the raw material and in the manufacture, but also because it tells a story of a three-generation family slipper tradition that was born in 1983. In their online shop you can buy the real Furlane as the company is one of the few left in the territory of San Daniele del Friuli that if it is now known above all for its delicious ham, for more than a century it has made the slipper art its tip of diamond. The name, Creazioni Fratta, pays homage to the Fratta Church, a small sacred treasure chest much loved by San Daniele inhabitants since the distant 1300s.


While today the same name, linked to the popular tradition and the territory, is synonymous with manual skills and high craftsmanship that allow you to pack high quality products. The Friulane or Furlane by Creazioni Fratta have the lasting characteristics of those of the past but are renewed and in step with the times, embracing the various models that versatility that have brought them to the present day.


Creazioni Fratta shoes can also be ordered to order, choosing the materials and the many models proposed, to which the craftsmanship gives elegance and refinement. Which ones did I choose? The most classic model that naturally wraps the foot in two “dusty” colors that I like very much and are the must of the season: antique pink and sugar paper. And I am convinced that the combinations, at home and outside, will be easy and at the same time refined, elegant and chic.

Classic and modern at the same time, the Friuliane have maintained their shape and style over the centuries. And today their added value is given both by the totally green mood that distinguishes them from birth, and by the fact that they continue to be sewn by hand.

Even today the papusse are handcrafted and do not have a right and a left: once worn they take the shape of the foot that wears them. Above all, they continue to represent a sophisticated style choice that completes each outfit. They can be worn with the heel raised or lowered, they can be chosen in classic velvet but also in linen, brocade, embroidered, decorated or even recycled fabrics. And they can be combined with jeans, evening dress or show off on the beach, on the road, at home.

Creazioni Fratta
Via Savorgnan di Brazzà, 1 – San Daniele del Friuli (UD)


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