On the road, you need big bags to hold everything, but above all the emotions and lots of love. And, as well as capacious, they must also be practical and resistant to allow freedom of action and movement in every occasion.

The travel bag dedicated to Città Meridiane

From these thoughts that later became the idea, the collaboration between Emozioni in Libertà and Città Meridiane was born, which led to the creation of the maxi travel bag dedicated to our blog and conceived exclusively for us by Maria Rosaria Ciullo, the soul of the artisan brand from Salento of which are for a long time Brand Ambassador. (https://www.cittameridiane.it/en/when-emotions-run-freedom/).

“I love big, capacious bags, those where you can put the world, in which sometimes you would like to put someone you meet on the street …” – says with his contagious enthusiasm Maria Rosaria who smiling adds: “and no matter what be your height, the more you love the more you need big bags”.

So, by putting together common ideas, needs, materials, models and concrete realization by Eleonora De Santis, we tried to create and produce an ideal travel bag to accompany each trip: roomy but without zipper, as you want to point out Maria Rosaria resolutely emphasizes: “close a bag Emozioni in Libertà is how to close the Salento to our visitors, it means losing our identity as an open and welcoming people”.

The travel collection is to enrich the proposals of Emozioni in Libertà, the line “Intuito” with cementine reproduced on the different models and those dedicated to Salento with typical symbols and details of the Lecce Baroque, with a large versatile and lightweight bag that takes inspiration from travel.

Starting from Salento and then arriving in every part of the world with that feeling of dreamy concreteness that we can express better in another language with the French “la tête en l’air et les pieds sur la terre”: head for air and down to earth. And it anchors on the ground this maxi bag in which it’s easy to find everything, because everything has its place thanks to practical internal and external pockets.

The new creation Emozioni in Libertà is a romantic and functional interpretation of the classic travel bag, keeper of dreams and experiences: double closure, handles in natural leather, vintage fabric in antique canvas in dusty colors that go well with any type of clothing and that gives that air of life to a model that never gets old.

And that every season can be reborn with different materials, dyes and proportions, but remaining intact in the details like the yellow stitching, clear tribute to our symbol, and also in the line. And then the large external pocket in leather, not only capable of containing so much love, as we wish I and Maria Rosaria together, but also the Notebook of Salento that always travels with me, the pencil and, why not, the fragrant soap “signed” Emozioni in Libertà, to be able to grasp at every moment thoughts, suggestions, drawings and the very essence of life!

For me that I love bags forever and I have an entire collection, even keeping those that I used as a child, the meeting with the brand Emozioni in Libertà has been fatal and can count from now on on a maxi bag created specifically for the Città Meridiane project gives me infinite joy. Because the artisan brand of Salento does not represent a company like any other but cultivates fundamental values ​​such as love and time, which Michele and I we cannot fail to agree.


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