In the bags of Emozioni in Libertà created by Maria Rosaria and Anna Elisa Ciullo thanks to the valuable collaboration of Eleonora De Santis, there is a taste of freedom and simplicity.

Emozioni in Libertà, 100% made in Salento

“A fascination of the unlimited horizon, the unreputable journey, the nocturnal night, the unreasonable life”, just like what’s on every trip to say it with the words of Théodore Monod, a French explorer who has crossed over the Sahara desert on foot.

The land explored by the two Ciullo sisters is theirs and they do it by entering the most desirable and identifiable themes of Salento: food, chili peppers, baroque from refined and unrepeatable carvings, cementine, tiles by deciduous or delicate ornaments that adorn the floors of many houses in the area.

Emozioni in libertà

But about the cementine on the bags “Intuito” line, Maria Rosaria tells us a very curious story. Twenty-five years ago with Anna Lisa opened her “La Gru” flower shop in the small village of Vitigliano, a few kilometers from Santa Cesarea Terme, and she often hands herself her compositions. One day she went to Diso to hand over a fun cushion and bent to lie on the floor her attention was captured by the decor of the tiles. The following week went back to photograph them and to make them the symbol of the bags collection she was already thinking of.


And, in terms of symbols, those relating to the designs of these very beautiful floors, but also loaded with stories and emblems linked to the territory, contain many of them. So Maria Rosaria told us another story. An old gentleman stopped a client wearing a Emozioni in Libertà creation with the crayon design of cementine and illustrated the meaning of those that at first glance may seem simple decorations. In fact, at the center of every tile there is the Cross of Malta, a symbol of the Knights of St. John, of Byzantine origin and consisting of eight numbers that refers to the beatitudes according to St. Matthew or some important Christian virtues or even the 8 principles Who had to respect the ancient knights. And it’s good at this point, thinking about wearing a history of centuries as well as a good accessory!


Returning to the territory and the deep love that Maria Rosaria and Anna Elisa feed on their land, even before the collections of bags designed to “wear” the feelings that Salento conveys to all those who visit and appreciate it, had thought and made a notebook, “16 pages watercolors that give us the opportunity to express everything we wish, we want, we are” – explain to us by giving it. This gift naturally made me very happy especially for me because the irreplaceable presence in the travel bags is just the notebook on which to write down everything, from the sensations to the words collected during the meetings to the “emotions in freedom”!

After the experience of the Quaderno del Salento, the #emozioniinliberta brand was born, with the idea that wearing a brand bag means living a story, a land, bringing with it all the emotions that Salento is able to offer.

Emozioni in libertà

The bags of the first collection have in fact been an evolution of the Quaderno del Salento and on them are represented phrases and images of the “notebook”, a collection of watercolors commissioned by the local artist Antonio Chiarello portraying places, objects, moments of life of the territory. “A product that is a gadget, a travel journal, a souvenir, a bonbonniere, a photo album, a caress for each of our customers”, so their creators describe it with great enthusiasm. A product able to break down national boundaries, without any effort, a product that tells itself through the universal language of the images.

In the “notebook” is a personal dedication written by Lucio Dalla and of which they are rightly very proud: “It’s nice to be here, where everything is beautiful good and loved”. A phrase that reverts to the beauty of authentic living, with great serenity and feeling that the songwriter, in Salento for the Night of the Taranta and passing through Vitigliano on August 22, 2006, came to his hand on a simple sheet since jealously guarded here.

But I could not visit the workshop, a small caveau of wonders that Maria Rosaria created under her flower shop, without taking me two bags, coordinated with each other but also usable separately.

This is an extra large bag that I also use to stuff clothes for a weekend and the clutch bag to be inserted inside and if needed use it as a lighter bag to go around with inevitable notebook, pen and cell phone.


What line would I choose if not the Intuito after the “colorful” and singular story of Maria Rosaria? Although all of their creations are not just handbags but emotional containers, as described by Maria Rosaria with her vcontagious sweet and sincere smile.

“Every handbag is hand-sewn with love and dedication – she adds – and sends a message of hope that everyone can live their emotions in freedom. Wearing an Emozioni in Libertà bag means living an idea, a land. Packed with wise hands, each bag is enclosed in a box, almost as if sealing its beloved ground into a precious treasure chest”.

The last of the collections of leather and canvas handbags is the one dedicated to the Baroque Lecce, where human figures, animals and plants seem to animate churches and palaces in an eternal parade.

Emozioni in libertà

What will my next traveling companion choose among Emozioni in Libertà collections? I would answer: all!

But having to choose, I would choose a leather briefcase or handbag, an indestructible must that becomes more beautiful, personal and unique over time.

As unique and original pieces, limited series self-produced and in valuable materials, are Emozioni in Libertà products, 100% made in Salento, create emotions, get into the daily life and become inseparable companions of life.


Emozioni in Libertà
Via Estramurale 52, Vitigliano (Le)
Info: +39 0836 958759



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