Starting it means to pack. So why not take advantage of the sales just started to buy and put in the luggage for the next travels some clothes at a discounted price you can wear from now to late spring?

Sales have just begun!


We of Città Meridiane thought we’d give you some advice as to what you would buy looking at laps that await us in the coming weeks. We will put in our luggage certainly something warm, because we must not forget that February is the coldest month of the year and in March also at times no joke.


Will certainly not be absent something “fashionable”, a touch that traveling makes a difference to those of us who have always paid attention to #stilinviaggio.


And basic items, which besides being the classic and never tiring, resolve any situation combined with the right accessories.

What are we talking about? Of timeless jeans, to be chosen in the most linear models that do not go out of style, the essential white shirt, simple from the male line or with some ruffles, a trend that will continue to fill our closets even during the summer.

As accessories the ankle from high but solid heel for walking not too demanding and a large shoulder bag, maybe in leather, a material that most older and become more beautiful (in photos total look #Hermès).


For those who want to black, it is time to buy, maybe at half price, a cashmere pull like the one in the photo by Compagnia del cachemire (, soft and hot to warm even the coldest days and which further it can be worn under a lightweight trench with a chic touch of a vintage basque in velvet leopard print and gold glasses that make a lot of diva by #polette (purchased along with many others on the site smallest and light things to be included in your suitcase but provide a highly effective!

Even dare with color! To jump the winter behind no better way to give blacks and grays and aim the green forest and the blue a bit ‘metal. I chose green for the bag of #GeorgeGina&Lucy in the perfect size for travel: large because there can be everything from tablet (#Asus one in the picture) to the mini camera Coolpix #Nikon, there is still cumbersome and, in addition, the handles are ideal to bring it to the shoulder or arm.


Blue I have reserved to oversize golf in wool and cashmere (also this #lacompagniadelcachemire) with egg line and vents on the sides, worn over jeans and tight pants, but also of another head of season, the pleated skirt, in materials like satin and shiny silk that give movement and brightness.


As accessories now I match boots and amphibians, but in the spring the long skirts are perfect with the ballerinas that, among other things, taking up very little space, can always be strung like extra shoe in each bag. Choose them colored or covered with sequins in sorbet shades: if you must give up the heels least you note the same!

Among the must-have to buy and wear right away, but also perfect to use next spring, the poncho: in the windows there are still in every shape and color. But I liked a light cape plaid design in a warm camel color can match with sports look to warm and enliven the simpler mise.


Do not give up the purchase of maxi scarves in cashmere warm and soft to use right away or even in the spring to an outdoor dinner with the cool of the evening. And betting on neutral tones that are well adapted to all outfits. To customize them will be enough a mini bag in bright colors: very cool ones proposed by the young brand #numeroventidue.


If instead you want to invest for the long term, nothing better than a super classic, the camel coat, to choose knee-length or long, or double-breasted with waist belt that is always in vogue. Buy now and use forever.


In my journey I never give up bijoux and I recommend you bring many, many. They are necklaces, brooches, rings, earrings or bracelets, the winter 2017 trends as well as next summer, they want the overabundance of jewelry and bijoux. And with little able to give a really chic touch even the simplest of looks.

Finally a council that works for both him and for her (I’ll have to also think about Michael not?): indispensable leader of this winter, which will be perfect for spring days and evenings, is the skin jacket, present on all footbridges.
Now we just need to pack your bags and go!


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