Masseria Scorcialupi, in Maruggio country in the province of Taranto, is a family country home a short distance from the sandy sea of Campomarino beaches and immersed in an olive grove that seems boundless. We are in that area of Puglia defined Alto Salento, on the Ionian side of the heel also called Terra del Primitivo.

Masseria Scorcialupi, an ancient farmhouse in the Maruggio countryside

The old farmhouse dating from the late 1800s was originally used as a place for the collection and processing of figs: every summer they produced over 1,000 tons of figs that were turned into jam or dried in the sun on “cannizzi“, lying between trees. A show of which you could enjoy up to a century ago when the fig trees have been replaced from the olive grove that surrounds the house.


Its story tells us the owner Francesco Chimienti who greeted us and showed us all the angles, inside and outside, of the farm where he spent his childhood summers.


The farmhouse, abandoned for decades with high ceilings and large snow-white environments, has been renovated zero kilometer recovering as much as possible, using local stone and white lime for the walls.

img_1952Each piece that adorns the rooms has been patiently researched by the owners of junk shops and antique markets, lovingly restored and exposed to revive the rural Salento atmosphere of past centuries.

The rooms of the three apartments with independent access, are adorned with immaculate ceramics, lanterns, candles and with simple objects of rural life that, coated by the time, create a warm and lived atmosphere thanks to old country furniture. Ancient colorful cement tiles forming real pictures in the kitchen and bathrooms where are the protagonists together with the console masonry and the sinks in rough stone from the classic brass taps.


Even plants are those of the Salento landscape: from prickly pears to the great sculptures of the agave plant and all around the silvery green of the olive trees.img_1960

Access to the house is through a porch all white, while the relaxation area is in full sun around the pool.

On the terrace it is wonderful to watch the sun set behind the hills, while against moisture to the furniture you prefer beds and daybed in white stone embedded in the walls. Inside the fireplaces provide warmth and atmosphere while hanging lanterns, accompanied by many candles, illuminate the evening in the large park, which includes along with the swimming pool, hot tub and a big barbecue.


The overall result is magnificent: a calm residence among the olive trees, where it was nice to spend a night “hosts” welcomed by the warmth of the large fireplace with a roaring fire and the sober and relaxing, thanks to the delicate combination of raw materials and minimal furnishings that emphasize the simplicity of the stone floors and ceilings tufa whitewashed lime of Mirto apartment, the largest of the three.


The other apartments are Juniper and Rosemary: the first has a large fireplace and a peculiar double shower in the bathroom, while the second is the smallest ideal for up to three people.
The farm is rented whole or for individual apartments per week.

Masseria Scorcialupi
C.da Ranca – Scorcialupi, Maruggio – Taranto
Info: +39 339 7790323 – +39 348 1632346 –


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