Veraroad: for the well-being of dressing

Veraroad and Serendipity. Let’s start from here to begin the story about the brand of
stylist Caterina Giraldi. The Florentine brand Veraroad, created for the well-being of dressing – as Caterina, its creator likes to point out – is inspired by Vera, grandmother and painter, as well as a name that recurs in the family. But by an almost incredible coincidence, the creator and founder of the brand begins to imagine it in London in the Fulham neighborhood in Vera Road.

Veraroad, a thread of love between London and Florence

Let’s move on to the term Serendipity. Which means making happy unplanned discoveries, by pure chance, and therefore more pleasant, but it is also the name of the Francis shirt from the Land Pink Fantasy in pure Liberty London cotton, which from Florence has come down to me.


Even this is not a simple coincidence because if my discovery of Veraroad was accidental, it is not at all our harmony on the love for beautiful things, for art, for the joy of living, represented in this collection by its beautiful floral prints.

Let’s go back to Vera, in name and in fact. Because so is Caterina, born to a father from Prato and an English mother, who since childhood frequented both the Tuscan and British countryside, during the summer holidays to visit her grandparents. And that from both has “absorbed” the love for nature and beauty. Only such a person accompanies the sending of her garment with a personalized card, designed, dedicated and handwritten: a precious moment of sharing from a distance that shows affection and gratitude, on both sides.


100% Made in Italy, on the other hand, is her brand born in Florence thanks to her stubbornness and creativity: after having worked for years in the fashion sector dealing with the fabrics of her father’s company, she has realized her desire to create a brand that speaks to everyone but is at the same time unique.

And with great attention to the environment, not only in clothing, but involving all aspects of lifestyle and well-being by offering footwear and a line of cosmetics, always with a view to balance and social sustainability as well.


These shared values ​​brought us together, while the love for her garments was born immediately after. Her collections are loved not only because they are beautiful, well designed and with splendid patterns, but above all because they are suitable for everyone.


Her purpose, in fact, is to address all women in their essence, without stopping at appearance, with comfortable and refined garments made with natural fabrics that adapt to every physiognomy and every age and which, thanks to a great tradition tailored, enhance the beauty of each.


It’s really a pity that technology still does not have the possibility to go beyond the gaze and not to be able to touch things, because the Francis shirt is in a wonderful, soft and very light cotton: a garment that goes beyond the seasons and that gives a sort of fresh and colorful breeze like its fantasy to the skin, ideal for brightening up the winter days.


A unique, yet versatile and timeless garment, which we wanted to interpret by paying homage to Caterina and her country chic style: the countryside is not English but Apulian, but there are horses. And the journey to which this refined shirt invites, as all Veraroad garments do, is not only virtual.


Among these wonderful specimens of Lipizzaners we made a tour through time and history. These magnificent horses that are born black and then show off a white coat as adults, now trained between Leipzig and Vienna as perfect actors of that equestrian art that is dressage, are born in Conversano, our city.

And here, at the Masseria Tarsia Morisco where they are bred to bring to light a 500-year history that began with the arrival of the Acquaviva d’Aragona who developed the prestigious breed, we chose to create the photo shoot for our article on Veraroad.


We could not imagine a different place for this brand which, like us, focuses on awareness of purchases and respect for the environment: in the midst of nature, among our beloved horses, to give an image of an authentic, true woman.

Viale Europa 101, Firenze
Info: +39 055 6462121
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