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If Capo Palinuro is a paradise for boating and diving to discover the amazing sea caves, the Mingardo beach along the road leading to Marina di Camerota offers a unique framework with the beach that touches and exceeds the mouth of River, where you can enjoy a canoe ride away from crowded beaches and from the summer heat going to the discovery of the green oasis drawn from the river. Also in Mingardo place, there is the nudist beach of Troncone, a strip of shoreline hidden among the rocks destination from many years of naturist tourism, where the guarantee for a peaceful coexistence with the other swimmers in swimsuit is guaranteed by a rocky ridge that makes the difficult beach access and very little frequented.

Scario and Sapri, overlooking the Gulf of Policastro, represent the last part of Campania to the south. To the north, however, Agropoli is the gateway to the Cilento coast. The marina at sunset gives intense suggestions there where the promontory overlooking the sea is reflected in the sails of the boats moored next to each other. You must then go up and cross the monumental Byzantine Gate to access the old town, to enjoy this view and to stroll the streets over which looms the Angioino Aragonese Castle overlooking the city.

Under Agropoli lies the plain of Capaccio, justly famous for the production of the excellent buffalo mozzarella: make a stop at historic dairies, Vannulo (via G. Galilei 10 , Capaccio Scalo – +39 0828 724765 – and Barlotti (Torre di Paestum 1, Licinella – Torre di Paestum – +39 0828 811146 – or at the latest Il Granato (SS 18 km 96 + 500, locations Spinazzo Capaccio – +39 0828 722712 – to sample and buy mozzarella, yogurt and ice cream.

Continuing beyond you meet Santa Maria di Castellabate where among simple fishermen’s houses stands the Perrotti Tower of the sixteenth century. A stroll on the boardwalk at sunset and a romantic dinner under the arches overlooking the marina of the pizza restaurant Le Gatte (Via G. Naso – +39 960 255 0974) can end a lovely day at the beach. Excellent fried and pizzas, very polite service and so much attention for our Arturo: they have prepared for us a table on the lovely terrace but our “old dog” could not climb the steep staircase of the building, so Mr. Peppino, without blinking, immediately made us lay another table under the arcade arches. Even for the sea no doubt: from the nearby San Marco di Castellabate you leave the boat with Raffaele said Rambo (SeaRent & Rescue +39 339 6989993 – +39 334 3876888 – and reach Punta Licosa with its pine forest reflecting the green of its trees in the clear and protected waters of the marine reserve. Here the reef is as splendid and oblique stratifications on which stand beautiful pine specimens of Aleppo shaped by wind with canopy almost parallel to the ground. In the background the island of Licosa with its white lighthouse, uninhabited and surrounded by shoals.

A standstill in the small square of Castellabate, makes immediately to return in mind the film “Welcome to the South”, even if during our visit the small suburb was invaded by English bandaged in suits pastel color with bonnets coordinated guests to participate in the marriage of their conterranei in the basilica of Saint Maria Assunta. As the priest has explained us after the ceremony, the young couples that arrive here from the whole world are attracted not only by the beauties of these places of Campania, but also from the well more accessible prices in comparison to the most known Coastal Amalfitana so much that Castellabate, together with Ravello, it holds the record of the places that have recorded the greatest number of foreign marriages in Italy in the last ten years.


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