It is lying on a green lawn and at its feet the sea. Behind the mountain. Around, the calm and tranquility of a truly magical place, one in which rises the Country House Sulle Onde della Collina by Danilo and Maryda, the ideal place found after a long search to build a red brick shelter that reflects the type of housing of other buildings in the area.

The ground floor is organized as a single large room, where the various functional areas are defined by the furniture. So, entering on the left is the reception area, while across the fireplace and the sofa “closed” the conversation area. Behind the sofa, a large table and the other side the long bar. Light enters profusely everywhere thanks to large windows that open onto the landscape. The structure doubled in volume in the summer, when you open the windows, projecting on the large terrace overlooking the view. In fact, inside and outside are two closely linked areas that can be merged into a single environment eliminating any barrier between inside and out. Inside, a staircase leads to the first floor of the structure that houses the six rooms that are spacious and equipped with every comfort, decorated with sober sense to reconcile a rejuvenating rest.

The big house, that the works of Maryda make a real art gallery, is a place where friends are always welcome. And here the hospitality is not limited to only stay but extends and becomes embrace. Like the one reserved for us by Danilo Porro on the deserted beach of Ogliastro Marina, very beautiful in the afternoon bathed in golden sunlight. Here he receives us, in this open air reception. And after bathing together with Arturo and the chatter on the shore he drives us in Montecorice, where on the knoll of a green hill between the blue sky and the turquoise sea, stands Sulle Onde della Collina.

Which is not only a bed and breakfast but also a renowned restaurant in the area where Danilo deals with flair and skill of cuisine based on the local raw materials and especially fresh fish from very close ports of San Marco di Castellabate, San Nicola and Acciaroli. And by perfect host wanted us to taste his specialties in a warm comfy night at a table lit by candles on the porch. And we experienced the atmosphere of a movie! You know Once Upon a Time in America? When De Niro/Noodles book the entire restaurant just-laid tables for two for his beloved Deborah? Well it seemed to live a similar scene in which as a plus we had a chef who cooked everything for us and showed his dishes to our table and the starry sky as a roof…

For an unforgettable evening starring the culinary creations of Danilo where the delicacy it was exceeded only by the freshness of the ingredients personally purchased by the chef after the “promenade on the sea” in which he accompanied us on board a magnificent goiter of Cilento in the waters around the islet of Licosa. On the table triumphed the territory: from the cream of zucchini and shrimp to meatballs with anchovies, from ravioli stuffed by buffalo cheese and topped with Cilento figs sautéed with bacon and almonds to spaghetti with squid, capers and olives since to delicate tempura of cod and vegetables that has captured the whole soul of Sulle Onde della Collina, a place in perfect balance between land and sea. Where also Arturo was in good companionship with a girlfriend Stella.

Sulle onde della collina
Loc. Mainolfo Montecorice, Montecorice – Salerno
Info: +39 0974 963779 – +39 392 687 0659


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