You know we of Città Meridiane love to travel and tell about our travels. But before starting each ride you have to prepare your luggage. And since it’s time for sales, we have selected for you 5 must-have pieces, garments and essential accessories to buy now and bring with you in the next departures.

Sales: the 5 must have to buy

Usually we start from discounts of 20-30% in the first weeks, to get up to 50 and 70% towards the last days: but better “leave” immediately to avoid the risk of not being able to find the right size or to find sold out just the object of our desires.

Sales are certainly the perfect opportunity to buy the outerwear at a discounted price, with the extra bonus of being able to show off immediately during the coldest months of the year as February. We took advantage of the first day of sales, January 5, when the choice on garments is still very large, to buy two warm down parka and at a price much more accessible than the original one.

Winter sales are definitely the best opportunity to renew the shoe rack without too many disbursements: a real dream for me that I am an incurable shoes addicted! In doubt among which to choose among the beautiful western boots of Catarina Martins, handmade in fine leather in Oporto in Portugal, I opted for … take two!

Winter is the season of the hats, so in these sales I have really removed every “whim”: from the classic wide-brimmed hat to the beret.

A great return is the knotted scarf, which has always been an accessory with charm and elegance, which makes so much of an old voyage aboard cabriolet roaring, already in theme next spring-summer season.

Finally, a fun piece to put in a suitcase to feel glamorous even on vacation: pleated skirts have been an autumn and winter trend but it is a trend that does not really want to disappear, not even in spring. I chose it in iridescent satin lead color, long almost to the ankle to combine with colored pullovers or total black with accessories in the theme.

And, by the way, the accessory bag to complete even the most sophisticated looks? I like very much the minibags of Annalisa Caricato, looking for real little works of art minutely welded and sewn by hand: one more beautiful than the other are to collect, perhaps with the help of the sales!

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