Masseria Celentano is more than a large farm that emerges at the center of the Tavoliere of Puglia in the territory of San Severo: it is a real village, inhabited until the 60’s, who developed his story over the course of four centuries. The building dates back to the late seventeenth century and owes its name to the Neapolitan family that owned.

Masseria Celentano: a real village at the center of the Tavoliere of Puglia

Masseria Celentano

Upon arrival in the big house welcomes us Donna Adele, mother of Alberto Longo the current owner of the farm, with a big smile that makes us sit and feel immediately welcome. She, proud of her originally from Abruzzo, seems to embody a part of the history of this place which for years has been a staging post for the transhumance, which in addition to leading the sheep from region to region depending on the season, favored the meet and love between different people. Then reached us Mrs. Leila who accompanies us on a visit to the great areas telling the story of Masseria Celentano.

“Over time has been divided between two families in the area, Zaccagnini and Cavalli, and then again dismantled and unfortunately a part has also been demolished. The present owner has decided to buy and restore much of the complex, with the aim of reintroducing the original materials that have seen come through here, century after century, the protagonists of transhumance and local farmers generations, that in the huge yard alternated in threshing”.

But at this point the story of a beautiful structure is intertwined at the hip with that of family. Alberto wanted to buy this, among many farms have been abandoned in the area, because within these walls has played as a child, because here lived a part of the family. With great emotion we hear the story of these memories by the voice of Leila Stanziano, cousin of Alberto, who was born on this farm. Then transfer to Lucera with her mom that despite the most convenient and comfortable life in the city, has always regret the time spent in this place, in winter, when they all gathered around the large fireplace to tell stories and sing, and in summer, at the end of the day, they gathered in the large yard to eat, drink and dance. Stories of other times that Leila has always heard since she was a child. Then she came back in Masseria Celentano at eighteen, when accompanied the mother who wanted to see the places of her past and happy life, but the meeting has been painful. The old crumbling walls, the smashed roofs, destroyed the garden. The old village was now a ruin. And so Alberto bought it who, after having reported to the beauty of the past, wanted to entrust to her own, the kind and loving Leila welcoming guests as she would to her house. Why Masseria Celentano some ‘is.


The conservation aspects of the renovation included a new roof in the style of the time, the restoration of the beams and the internal and external walls of brick and very calibrated furniture choices, in keeping with the character of the place. Great charm has the room from the vault where once were the cheeses and then proceeded smoked: the walls are the same material that was used along the banks of the canals, that is a mixture of mud and stone that was called cruste. And Le Cruste is called one of the wines produced by the Alberto Longo Winery, located in Lucera in a farm of the nineteenth century until 1906 owned the Cavalli family, a place where the grapes were crammed together, in the ancient graves, the grain.


Even the fields around Masseria Celentano were converted into vineyards where you recognize the neat rows of Negroamaro, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Montepulciano. Yet the five rooms of the structure take their name from the wines of Alberto Longo cellar: le Fossette le Cruste, Capoposto, Donnadele, while the last, Citerna, from extra virgin oil.

The swimming pool, guarded by two tall pine trees, overlooking the vineyards and complete together with the restaurant in the old stable, the picture of the services available to guests.

In the summer, then, the holiday has added a further element: a mini-cruise on a sailing boat to discover the Gargano coast aboard the beautiful yacht Seathink 4.7.7.

What about … we have to go in the season to also experience the intense emotions that can give the sea. Meanwhile we enjoyed the hospitality of the farm in the room we reserved, Le Cruste, which like the other alternates local antique furnishings to more contemporary pieces. A real treat the suite, made in the farm chapel that still boasts the original altar and the small bell tower.

Masseria Celentano
S.P. 20 km 8,00, San Severo – Foggia
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