The art of the foulard according Talento Fiorentino

I associated the foulard as a child with two images. The first linked to the family and the grandmothers and aunts of the household who wore it tightly tied under the chin during Sunday mass to cover the head.

The second is linked to a more glamorous memory: Grace Kelly‘s neck foulard that fluttered in the wind in the open-top car that drove along the Corniche on the French Riviera in Alfred Hitchcock’s film “To Catch a Thief”.

Unique and handcrafted creations in Florence

Growing up, I first ransacked my mom’s drawers, then I started buying silk carrè according to my tastes. And to wear them to complete my looks, both in the more classic version around the neck on pullovers, trench coats and coats, and in more innovative ways.

When I had longer hair I often used the foulard as a clip: rolled up to close the crop with a knot or turban starting it from the nape of the neck, weaving it on the forehead and then fixing the flaps under the hair. On the most important occasions, such as parties with friends, I liked to fix it in the braid making it become one of the locks to be twisted.


Now that the hair is shorter, with a choppy bob cut, I like to wear it in a headband tied at the top, as a bandana for a more modern look or use it to close the ponytail with bows that fall softly on the shoulders.


The films and the great divas of the past remain of great inspiration. So depending on the mood and inspiration of the moment, I like to “imitate” them by tying the foulard on top of the head or under the nape, or rolled up on itself or even in a handkerchief, as actresses often wore it in the 1950s and Sixties of the last century.

But most of the time I let myself be enchanted and influenced by the style masters of the late Sixties and Seventies: you know Monica Vitti and Virna Lisi, to stay at home, or Faye Dunaway, Diane Keaton, Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Hepburn, up to the legendary Susan Sarandon in the film Thelma and Louise, for a more international feel? With them the foulard takes on a different concept of glamor and becomes an accessory that enhances the free style of a modern and independent woman.

A concept that I really like and it adapts to my way of dressing in which accessories not only give the extra touch to clothes, but become elements to make me feel unique. So the scarves have a prominent place in my wardrobe and in all seasons in different fabrics and weights, from linen to cotton gauze, from silk to wool, they accompany me: around the neck, on the bag, on the head, in the hair.


For this autumn – winter, I chose the explosive colors of the Talento Fiorentino foulard, a large square in pure high quality satin silk dedicated to the artistic current of Futurism, where lines and bands alternate irregularly to form an almost hypnotic design.

Which, like all the patterns proposed by the artisan brand born in Florence in 2016 after an experience of over ten years in the “Made in Italy” fashion sector, presents a unique combination. Just as unique pieces are the foulard as they are produced through processes carried out with artisanal methods and procedures and for this reason, very small differences in color, shades or slight variations, are to be considered a value, never a defect.

The brand draws inspiration for its patterns and decorations from the beauties of Florence, a city known internationally for its tradition in the field of fashion and for having given life to the creations of some of the greatest world-famous designers.

All the items in the Talento Fiorentino collections are made entirely in Italy and a high quality standard is guaranteed on each one, the result of years of tradition and passion. But that is not all. Because high quality is accompanied by competitive prices, because the mission of Talento Fiorentino is to offer valuable items that are accessible to all.

On the website there are many proposals, including scarves, foulards, ponchos, capes and neck warmers, all made with extreme care and in different colors, ideal for creating your own style. In addition, a detail not to be underestimated, shipping is free for each product!


We have chosen ours, a foulard that will light up any look with fantasy, to be reinvented with knots and crossings, playing with the thousand lights that silk reflects in every moment and in every movement.

foulardTalento Fiorentino
Via Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti, 32 – Firenze, Italia –

In collaboration with RentClassica for Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider and with Ottica Moschetta for Chloè sunglasses.

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