Telli tails: from sails ecochic accessories

I discovered Telli tails bags and accessories on Instagram, which has now become a huge source of constantly updated news.

Each piece is unique, light and resistant

If even before the lockdown I loved to peek between brands and hashtags in search of products and services in line with our travel and life philosophy, during the quarantine it became essential for me to continue looking at “the world” through posts. And it was a way of feeling less isolated and less confined to the house: as that old saying goes if Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain it is the mountain that goes to Mohammed. And through this mountain of photos and stories published every day I have not lost touch with reality and so many brands have become beautiful and concrete collaborations.

Like the one with Telli tails, the collection handmade in recycled sail by Donatella Pramparo, in which each piece is unique, light, versatile and resistant.

I fell in love with her project right from the start because it represents a way to avoid waste by creating beautiful and lasting accessories, trendy and eco-chic.
So after we met, albeit from a distance, we “recognized” each other: same love for the environment, for beautiful things and made with the heart, for ethical fashion.

Telli tails

I wanted with me as a travel companion a Telli creation, as Donatella is called by all, who wanted to call her collection Telli tails, merging her name with that of “tell-tail”, the wind vane fillet consisting of a thread of wool that is sewn on both sides of the sail and that allows you to understand the direction of the wind. And this symbol of the nautical world has also become the distinctive logo of her creations.

Telli tails

For me it is a great pleasure to talk about her story, first personal and then creative. The passion for needle and thread began for Telli as a pure pastime, when as a child she watched her mother work as a seamstress and embroiderer in the small town in the province of Venice where she still lives.

This childhood love then turned into real work and as a girl, once she learned the art of cutting and sewing, she worked in an atelier in the heart of Venice.

At this point I would like to open a brief parenthesis, which is linked to our travel magazine and the relationship it has from the beginning with the Veneto region.

In fact, one of our first collaborations for StiliViaggio, one month after the launch of Città Meridiane, was the one with Germana Cabrelle, Moskardin‘s “mother”, a pocket notebook: “tacuin” in Veneto also means wallets, briefcases, valuables, which from Veneto five years ago it landed in Puglia to seal a first link between our two regions.

And now this relationship becomes stronger thanks to the clutch bag and the very functional card holder because in addition to being light and resistant it has up to six pockets for storing electronic cards, credit cards, documents and so on, an absolute novelty of which Telli Tails wanted to pay tribute to us before the official launch in the collection. All created by Donatella using waste materials from the company she works for, such as carbon fiber.

Because after the experience in the atelier she tells us that life has taken her elsewhere, to a beautiful place where she can look at the sea every day: an artisan company that produces sails for small cruising boats and huge sails for high-performance racing boats, where she works as a seamstress. In short, a world that certainly has its own charm, as well as the materials on which it rests its gaze and which pass through her hands.

At this point, passion and creative temperament come into play which, combined with the acquired manual skills, lead Telli, after only a few years of work in the nautical world, to give birth to a new idea: reusing sails and other recycled materials to create bags, backpacks and accessories.

Telli tails

An idea that, as we have already mentioned, is not only glamorous but also respectful of nature as it gives life to fabrics and materials that would otherwise be thrown away by increasing the amount of waste in the environment. The philosophy that underlies Telli tails therefore follows the principles very dear to us of ethical fashion and sustainable production: avoid consuming new resources by creating with what you already have and encourage conscious purchasing, with the conviction that small daily actions are important and can really lead to change.

All this, together with the refinement of her ecochic creations, initially attracted us and we were then definitively conquered by her words: “I myself conceive, design and make all my creations. The final products are unique pieces finished in detail, versatile, light and durable: the sails used in fact, as well as the scraps of new fabrics destined for pulping, are extremely resistant materials and made to last a lifetime. The exact opposite of fast fashion”.

Telli tails

In short, just what we like most: valuable products deriving from waste materials, whose characteristics are the uniqueness and originality and quality of the materials used, such as the precious fabrics in Kevlar and carbon fiber of my clutch bag, as well as the skillful and careful processing of the materials combined with a fair price and affordable for everyone.

Telli tails
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