Recycle: the art of recycling for bijoux


When you go on holiday you want to take with you some accessories undemanding that complete your look and make it especially for special occasions. Ideally, it was flexible and lightweight, fast to store in a bag maybe just before controls at the airport … It’s the perfect identikit of the Recycle creations by Benedetto Potenza who, with a lot of creativity and imagination, transforms unusual materials in unique jewelry. Exactly light, not binding, to worn on every occasion so as to become inseparable travel companions if not indispensable talismans!

His collection is called Recycle and just the recycling is often the motivation to make of something original and beautiful: from PET he makes small pendant that seem strange sea creatures ranging to enhance décolleté and simple T-shirt. Benedetto creates bracelets, necklaces and earrings with gold and silver chains enriched with boules entirely made of papier mache, lightweight and malleable material, capable of taking on shades and new forms. The idea came when after a period of study and work in Bologna, Barcelona, London and Dublin, he is back in his Salento working first as export manager at several local companies and then returning to the world of eyewear for which he was employed in Bologna. So was born, in April 2015, LUBEAL, the acronym the Ludovica, Benedetto and Alessandra (the names of his daughter, him and his wife’s) a small company for the production of accessories like glasses chains and necklaces eyeglasses holder branded Recycle.
The news is that each chain for glasses can be combined with a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet, thus creating a unique and uniform fashion and traditional tones at the same time.

All products Recycle are exclusively handmade in Salento using local materials such as olive wood, local stone and papier mache, while the chains are made of aluminum and stainless steel hard, in addition to jute for summer accomplishments and pure wool for the winter. Each work is all done by hand and takes shape in an exclusive jewellerie where imperfections are transformed into beauty, in particularity, so that each item is different. And each line has its own story to tell with a packaging appropriate adopting recycled materials such as cardboard and sisal used as a cushion on which to place the jewelry in their packaging and wrapping twine to tie the slips to which each piece has.
Many the proposals, cheerful, light and suitable for every type of woman: why don’t you think about them for the packets to find under the tree of the now closer Christmas?

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