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Others Choose is a Tuscan brand born in Santa Maria a Monte, a small town in the leather district in the province of Pisa. 35% of the national production of leather comes from the area and since the 19th century, tanneries and artisan shoe factories have been concentrated here and have exported footwear all over the world. But in recent years, production has increasingly moved to other countries where labor costs are much lower.

Ideal for a walk but also for a special evening

Others Choose

Others Choose

So we wonder why Jessica and Gianluca decided to start their company right here? Because a brand works for the story it tells, even more than the quality of the products, it must speak of a way of life, of a style.

And Others Choose does so starting from the name chosen for the brand that plays with the English language and which can be translated as “other choices” but also “other shoes”.
Others Choose, in fact, has the main objective of creating unique products in the processing with first choice materials where manual skills, passion and inventiveness are their strength without any intermediate step. Immediately focusing on artisan research, between processes, colors and materials.

But who are Jessica and Gianluca? They define themselves like this: opposites in their work but united by a single goal.

She is an interior designer, he was born in the world of footwear, but it is together that they decide to create a combination of their experiences and their knowledge, giving strength to an artisan reality that symbolizes the high quality of Made In Italy, launching themselves into this adventure that – they tell us – “it starts from a project where research crosses different materials and shapes give color and strong emotional satisfaction to daily living”.

The result? Shoes proposed in only two versions for the spring-summer season in which the basic philosophy is the “bag” process which involves the application of the leather separated from the lining, which in turn is built like a glove on the shape of the shoe and closed like a bag on the foot. This results in greater softness and flexibility which ensures a fit that wraps the foot step by step.

Others Choose

And I can personally testify as faithful companions of my walks have become the Lily Flex, high-necked ballerine flats in soft vegetable-tanned calf leather and with a leather sole with rubber inserts that make them flexible and super comfortable. And also the Pretty Linara Para moccasins which, made with a linen and cotton blend fabric, are synonymous with elegant originality that can be combined with any look, from the sportiest to the most sophisticated.

For those who love to stand out, then, the Pretty Chaumont in floral damask inspired by artisan embroidery, on a subtle two-tone jacquard background, are perfect, guaranteeing every outfit a touch of histrionic fantasy, combining persuasive charm with the grit of a male style.

The other plus that both models have in common is that they go beyond fashion becoming timeless accessories, characterized by that craftsmanship that makes a shoe beautiful, comfortable, perfect in every detail and suitable for wearing at any time of the day.

Those who choose one of the Others Choose models therefore, as we have already pointed out, are well aware that each shoe contains a story that speaks of memory and has the ambition to become a great classic that is renewed from season to season without ever losing its soul and its characteristics.

Thus becoming an ally of informal style perfect for traveling thanks to its reassuring ability to adapt to any type of clothing. Because, both the ballerine flats and the comfortable moccasin with the para are ideal to wear for a walk but also for a special evening.

Others Choose

In which nuance to choose it? Take a look at the shop on otherschoose.com  because there is something for everyone! I chose an iridescent yellow shade, a trendy color of the season, for the Pretty Linara Para, while I preferred a warm cognac color for the ballerine flats, perfect because it is neutral and can be combined with everything, from optical white to the brightest colors that bring joy!

But Jessica and Gianluca’s projects don’t stop there. Their next bet is to combine footwear with unique art design pieces. “It means a perfect fusion between the desire and the need to make each of our products less banal” – they explain to us. And they will do it with an innovative collection of artistic design objects that fit perfectly in any environment, giving a touch of elegance and originality.
At this point we are really curious to know more. And you?

Others Choose
Via G. Ferraris, 55 – Prato
Info: +39 327 5455879
www.otherschoose.com  – info@otherschoose.com

M di Missoni sunglasses were kindly made available to us by Ottica Moschetta  in Conversano.

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