On the beach with furry friend

I and my husband Michele for nearly 16 years travel along with Arturo. Since our beautiful Golden Retriever has entered our lives, we bring him everywhere: lake, sea, mountains. Although, paradoxically, since we live in Apulia, Arturo has had to deal first with the snow that with the sea. In fact, arrived as a wonderful gift box at Christmas, the first trip he faced was in the spring to the mountain and in Cortina d’Ampezzo has a great to roll in the snow. He ate too, but when he realized that it was certainly not well stopped, continuing to dig through the nose into fresh snow with so much joy.

Then it was the turn of the sea: and here is tripped the greatest love that has always shared with us. Between swims, dives and holes dug in the sand to try the fresh wet where he can squat.
We prefer the free beaches , where we try our little corner to be able to rest easy with him and not bothering anyone but are often adulus and children that come close to making caress to Arturo and play with him. There are many children who over the years have left their life jackets to grab his tail leaving drag safe and happy!

But in Apulia there are also beaches equipped with umbrellas and sun beds as well equipped for our four-legged friends. In Torre Canne, on the road to Savelletri in Brindisi area there is the Lido Taverna Santos (SP90 Litoranea per Savelletri km 0. 500, Torre Canne – Brindisi +39 393 3361500 – www.latavernadisantos.it), the one we most frequented where Arturo has enjoyed since childhood. Exclusive beach , is equipped with several amenities: bed , bowl, snacks and hygiene bags. All kinds of dogs can access, provided they are not aggressive towards others present. For access to the sea, which takes place from the rocks, there is a very convenient platform for both dogs and their masters. In addition you can book the umbrella from home: http://www.passbeach.com/lido-taverna-santos-bau.

Ten kilometers from Lecce, the Bau Beach Soleluna in Marina di San Cataldo (Lungomare Marinai D’Italia, San Cataldo – Lecce +39 328 5760656 – www.solelunalido.it). Here, too, it is allowed access to dogs of all sizes and you can find all the services and amenities dedicated to friend Fido, including drinking fountains feature bowls, toys and veterinary care.
On the Ionian coast the only beach that makes access the four legs is Eden Salento in Pescoluse (strada provinciale Torre Pali – Pescoluse – Lecce +39 340 7797621 – edensalento@gmail.com): furry friends have access throughout the area and can take a bath in a well-defined body of water swimming in freedom with their owners

So if the goal for your vacation is Apulia with its wonderful sea, do not let your friends at home!

Finally some of our tips, by “expert” travelers with four legs and four-legged. Do not limit your luggage: it is better equipped to travel, taking with yourself everything that could serve. In addition to the ordinary things as all the equipment for jelly and sleep, you should start with the medical kit. And then a couple of old towels to clean him but also to make us a curtain that occasion the face of shadow, so much fresh water for him to drink and rinse him after swimming in the sea and his favorite games.

Of course do not forget to ask your vet if the goal towards which you are headed down special prophylaxis. And a final thought: traveling with your dog weighs more than your things because you have the dog things and why you’re not free to do anything you want , but repays you the joy you see in his eyes when you allow to follow you in water or a walk in the green. We are 16 years that we travel by car with frequent stops because Arturo can go down for a walk, make shorter trips and we prefer to travel by ferry and do not catch the plane. But we can not think of being able to leave home and when we have done that we missed a lot!

This travel blog with the dog is a personal selection of our best experiences, our favorite spots and secrets places around the world curated by Rosalia e Michele.








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