At Gabriella Reznek’s studio

“Birds of a feather flock together”, reads the old motto. And so it went with Gabriella: it is as if we had recognized without ever having known before. Then contagious laughter erupted when with an air of complicity she asked me: do you know what is reznek? Your last name – I replied. But she, still laughing, told me: yes, but with a lower case r is a hen!

She accidentally discovered recently researching on Google and among the images appeared this wild little bustard that lives in the Hungarian steppes. So, she was already thinking of renewing logo and communications, has chosen this winged, indeed its paw as a symbol of her artisanal production of bags. And its “tick, tick, tick”, as with a smile tells me off, that is its frolicking on the ice of the steppe as an image to be reproduced on all its packaging. At first his team, formed by Vito Luisi of the Agency LUISI ADV and the Coordinator Elio Iurino, has not taken her seriously. But her determination and her cheerfulness were then convinced them. And now the Gabriella Reznek brand is represented by an original paw clinging to the fine leather that the craft, as she likes to call herself, uses for her creations.

But let’s take a step back. We are in Altamura in Via Amedeo di Savoia 21 at Gabriella Reznek’s experimental atelier-shop ( opened on December 10 of 2012 “in a time when I needed to change and reinvent myself” – she says. And she continues: “Strange that someone who has never brought bags has then decided to carry them out, right? It’s happened as well: an evening it was raining heavily and I was wearing a long coat with smashed pockets when I could not find the house keys. Shading myself as I could but now soaked promised myself that from then on I would use the bags, indeed I would have designed and manufactured them. But where to start? From flea market I bought fifty bags and I disassembled piece by piece. Then I designed one for me, roomy and comfortable, but also very particular. And with that shoulder I presented myself at the Academy of Luxury: I wanted to sign up to learn the craft. But my bag did not go unnoticed and the director asked me who had done. At my answer kindly she said that I did not need to learn anything …”.

From then on she has not stopped creating keeping faith with a fundamental principle, namely to choose excellent raw materials and create sophisticated pieces, elegant, with painstaking attention to detail, combining tailoring experience and tradition of luxury.
Our advice? Go to see Gabriella in her shop in Altamura and browse quietly in her creations. But here the pleasure is not only in the purchase: Gabriella in her Atelier creates its lines but also gives life to bags used and wasted. And it is touching to watch her that caresses the bags already thinking that they will return the functional and beautiful as before. So the pleasure is doubled to discover a job that has the color and the meticulousness of the small shop where those who enter are attracted by the magnificent creations of Gabriella but also asks the great tradition of the past , all sewn by hand as before and with true elegance.
Are you ready for a wonderful new addiction?

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