The make-up session with Suzana Neziri, a graduate make-up artist at The London School of Make-up in London, has now become a real make-up lesson!

Suzana Neziri’s make-up

truccoBesides, it could not be otherwise: I literally got overwhelmed with questions about what products and what make-up “strategies” would use on my face.

She patiently and never distracted from her work, she explained step by step her gestures by emphasizing how she would use certain products on my skin, beginning with deep facial cleansing.

For skin care, a preparatory stage for a better success and tightness of maquillage, Suzana prefers Avène’s line of products and in fact in the post on her blog about the base to be able to have exceptional results in make-up, explains how to use it best:

In these days of great heat, then, the thermal water is inevitable, as it not only refreshes and soothes, but it also helps to calm the redness caused by the slight rubbing due to previous maneuvers with cotton buds and discs. Avène for me is not a discovery but a line I know for a long time because it is the one I use every day in winter and summer to protect my skin from one of the most feared enemies, the sun.

truccoAnd just the discrepancies are the most visible “emergencies” on my face so my first request to Suzana was to mask them as much as possible.

The second request turns on the eyes: I like attention being caught by this part of the face that often manages to communicate much more than the lips.

Actually as she talks to me, she confesses that she has already studied my face because it is her habit to use face charts, sheets with the generality of the models on which you can recreate the make-up. In my case she looked at the photos on Facebook to figure out what was being highlighted and how. So together we chose a rather natural look, to make our eyes stand out with bright eye shadows and uniform the incarnate, ending with a nude look for the lips.


Specifically, Suzana begins to work on the base to cover the stains. Meanwhile, she explains to me that she loves the “without” cosmetics, the one that prefers natural matter, better purified from unwanted substances, therefore without parabens, silicones, petrolatum and even cruelty free. How can you not agree with her? We love more and more this seasoned and competent young woman!


As the phases proceed, she explains that she wants to point to a face with a high brightness, with high-strength products but at the same time they do not fear high summer temperatures so as not to cause skin stress. For this, she says, she will use bases that can illuminate by reducing the signs of expression, improving the grain and reducing redness and discrepancy.


When I ask what products she uses, she replies that she generally prefers foreign brands, many of which are already appreciated during the course in London. Among these she nominates the English brand Illamasqua and the American lines of high-grade cosmetics Hourglass Cosmetics and Benefit, the professional products of Laura Mercier, those of the legendary American makeup Bobbi Brown and the “classic” MAC and Esteé Lauder. In recent times she has been completely fascinated by Nars’s “Orgasm” line, from the illuminating blush she has used on me, the illuminants and the lipsticks, ready to reveal the essence of every woman just as the founder of the cosmetic house François Nars. Among the Italians choose those of NYX Professional Makeup created in Florence laboratories and products not tested on animals by Inglot, so that beauty is more aware.


Not only. Suzana tells me that she is very interested in the fact that she uses disposable slippers for mascara, lipsticks and gloss to avoid spreading any bacteria. And after using brushes and other products, never forget to detach them with the disinfectant spray from The Pro Hygiene Collection.

Waiting for the end result, as soon as we are in and breathe the vacation, I wonder what the products are indispensable in the trousse to carry behind not to be beautiful even on the road. Ideal for any destination a lightweight beauty case, but with everything you need to moisturize your face and body and protect them from the sun, choosing mini formats and multifunctional products.

truccoSuzana’s advice? It is indispensable a soothing face cream that gives relief and well-being after a sunny day. Do not forget the masks, perhaps disposable, to help the skin recover softness, tone and elasticity, and an anti-UV chapstick. And to make the makeup last longer during the hottest season? Remember to brush your eyelids well before applying your eyeshadow and use a primer – suggests Suzana. Regarding make-up advice is to point to a detail: red lipstick on the lips or mascara and black eyeliner on the eyes. Both give an immediate effect, changing the face in a moment. Waterproof formulas, then, help all those who do not want to give up the maquillage even when it is very hot. Last Tip? A spray water that moisturizes, protects and refreshes at your fingertips is a real blow.


And now let’s go back to us. The result of my half-day in Suzana’s company? Judge it you!

Suzana Neziri
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