Trulli Gallo Rosso

Arturo: valutazione 5 ossi

It was love at first sight between Hugo and these trulli to the edge of the road that leads from Noci to Martina Franca. We are between the Murgia and the Itria Valley, archaic charm countryside, crossed by dry-stone walls that creep between olive groves, vineyards, fruit trees and also woods including rise the snow-white cones of the trulli. Ugo Minafra, the current owner of the well-kept B&B Trulli Gallo Rosso, he has been struck by passing in front of a bicycle.

So he decided to buy the complex of trulli semi abandoned and to restructure it keeping unchanged the typical architecture. Starting from the outside, about trulli shaded by grape’s pergola and the white pinnacles that primitive peoples attributed value of sacred stone. The more complicated operation covered the restoration of cones that dominate the complex. The little domes covered with limestone chiselled by hand and united without any kind of binding agent, according to an art now endangered, have been restored thanks to the skill of a local master trullaio and the recovery of old “chiancarelle”. In addition to the cones, everything else has been recovered, as the old beams that farmers used to hang tools or food to be stored for the winter.

Minimal furnishings but of character for the five suites where everything is looked familiar and experienced.
It is no coincidence: Ugo explains that the pieces of furniture are almost all recovery, as the ancient wine press that is proudly displayed in the front garden of the paved courtyard of the trulli.

“This house was born as my pleasant retreat and slowly it is opened to friends. Then, this atmosphere, that is ancient and modern at the same time, more and more loved and convinced me to extend hospitality to a wider audience and thus was born the B&B Trulli Gallo Rosso” – Ugo tells us.

Today this friendly accommodation offers its guests two double Lamie with traditional vaulted ceilings, private entrance with an outdoor patio between the Mediterranean garden and small orchard.
Two of the apartments created in the magical environment of the trulli and attention to detail that decorate the living room relaxation, the two en-suite bedrooms, the alcove with fireplace and outdoor patio overlooking the magnificent century-old fig tree, which provides cool shade even in the hottest days.
The comfortable suite “Pomegranate” where we were guests is derived in two trulli with a large living room where the corner of the old stone fireplace suggests “hot” readings and a comfortable relaxing in the rocking chair. The master bedroom is located in the old stable / manger, with private bathroom and small closet decorated with bright colors.
The next morning, Ugo greeted us in the breakfast room, bright and decorated with family and recovery furniture, brickwork kitchen and sitting area with the atmosphere of the central fireplace. On the long console, pastries, fruit, bread, homemade jam and stewed fruit and a loaf of wheat Senatore Cappelli bought especially for us and to which, despite our preferences early in the morning go to the dessert, we could not give up. Outside, where Arturo was waiting peeking through the connecting door, the veranda with an enchanting scenery of the surrounding countryside between expanses of wheat fields and ancient fruit trees planted in the garden of the bed and breakfast from Ugo.
He, before to say goodbye to us, moved to tears, tells the story of the name he chose for its structure: the rooster as a symbol of light and life, but also as a link with his beloved grandfather, Don Nicola, who taught him to love land and its fruits. And he shows us a tile found in the house of his grandfather when he was gone: it is a small tile red fire with above sketched a rooster.
Then, he chases us and gives me a small bag of lavender harvest in his garden: to bring with us a very fragrant impression of our stay.

Trulli Gallo Rosso
Via Martina Franca-Noci S.P.56 al km 14, Martina Franca – Taranto
Info: +39 334 2097523 – +39 328 4542655