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She has discovered her passion for food and its preparation in the kitchen of his parents where she loved to hole up in the evening after finishing his homework. Alessandra Ferramosca remember with pleasure what was already rewarding for her to browse the encyclopedia of recipes of her mom and note those already achieved. “But above all admire my grandmothers intent to produce stocks for the winter or busy in preparing the Sunday lunch that united families: the homemade sauce, canned vegetables, the smell of mash, the unmistakable flavor of the salty cakes”.

From here to the blog My cool Kitchen the distance is quite short because the site was born in a time when Alessandra felt the need to create something good – as she says – something that was only “of his own making”.

Alessandra is an active woman, curious, open, smiling, nay, more: serene. Respect for tradition and the knowledge that a fair and careful innovation can only enrich it appear to be her strengths. “Cooking is a wonderful ritual, which is transmitted from generation to generation. And I’m always listening “- tells us.

But do you tell us the story of your route, what led you to create My cool Kitchen?
There was a real “route” but I call it mostly a “test of courage”. Go back to the traditions, to the poor dishes when had only a slice of bread and tomato and the good olive oil to be sated, when the surplus was created a dish for dinner. I started writing to see what it felt like to me rather than the other, that emotion could give me as I reread my feelings, my recipes. And so I go on for a year and a half but is pleasant and surprising to see how this type of direct and synthetic communication always inspires different emotions… And then you find out that those who are “behind the window” to look at you in silence is just who estimate and admires you the most.

It is said that the kitchen is love art and technique: which of these “ingredients” is more present in yours?
I am a cook for passion so I should say love instead I believe that art is one of the ingredients that weighs more on the scale of my kitchen. Love involves you to the point of losing objectivity, the art instead pushes me to create but then to undo and re-create in the search for something of mine and perhaps even unique in the same way.

What do you propose in your menu?
I propose paths tasting of our country, I am convinced that the Salento has a wonderful sea but we have the tastes and smells just as beautiful. I believe that people who eat must feel the sea, the earth and our sun in a bite … this is what I try to give to others.

What is the best advice you can give to those who approach for the first time in the kitchen?
Not to cook to have a judgment but cook to convey something of the context in which you are grown: the family, the land, the society.

Your own recipe with which to make a great impression at home, as a Christmas gift for our readers…
I love the simple dishes and no tricks… ..but at Christmas we all wish that everything becomes magical and our eyes shine like never before, just as the

10896253_4841447329763_4883190516444365013_oSmall star stuffed with sweet-sour cherry tomatoes that I propose us now

Semolina flour for pasta 1kg
Pecorino 300 g
Escarole 1 kg
Pitted Celline black olives 200 gr
Tomatoes “di pendola” 2 kg
Raisins 50 gr
Pine nuts 100 gr
White wine 2 cups
Spunzale 1 piece
Salt q.b

Blanch the escarole in salted water then drain and dress with olive oil and black olives cut into small pieces and, when the mixture is cool, add the cheese in large flakes. Mix thoroughly.
Prepare the dough for fresh pasta with semolina flour warm water and a pinch of salt. Roll out the dough and forme the stars with a mold for cookies.
Put on a star the filling then superimpose the other star of pastry, without the points match but alternating.
After forming all the stuffed stars prepare the sauce by jumping into a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, the spunzale cut very thin then the tomatoes cut in half. Cook over high heat for about 15 minutes then add the raisins soaked in a glass of white wine, then add the remaining wine. Cook for about 10 minutes over medium heat then shut off and add the toasted pine nuts. Boil the stars a few at a time and season with the prepared tomatoes and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil raw.

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