La Cattedrale Suite

Arturo: valutazione 5 ossiThe strength of La Cattedrale Suite in Gravina in Puglia is undoubtedly its location. The welcoming accommodation is located in front of the side wall of the Basilica Cathedral at the base of which stands the statue of the most famous citizen of the town: Pietro Francesco Orsini, who was elevated to the papacy under the name of Benedict XIII.

And it is here that we welcome the owners, the smiling and thoughtful Miria and Marco who after showing us our room have made our full open for any suggestions and even “guided tours” to the city. The small lobby beyond the glass door is made from the eardrum to the rooms by clean interiors in tones of gray and cream alternating with a sophisticated mauve that characterize the three residences by the atmosphere enveloping but not invasive.

The furnishings, simple and functional, prefer soft lines and away from excess to leave to other elements like protagonists. In our suite La Piazza, the plus is represented featuring a view of one of the most authentic neighborhoods of Gravina, Rione Fondovito, by degrading rooftops towards the gorge of the ravine. The view is so spectacular to represent the focus of the spacious and comfortable room located on a higher level than the living room with kitchenette which is joined by a short flight of stairs. We love the terrace from which you can enjoy relaxing moments just contaminated by everyday life of the town: a recall, a shutter slamming plan, the waving of drying laundry, in a perfect harmony with the birds chirping in the morning.

The suite Il Borgo is characterized, however, by the symbolic invasion of rock walls to remind guests that Gravina is a place where water and stone have always been undisputed actors. Highly recommended for those who have never had the experience and the thrill of sleeping in a room carved into the natural rock. It is accessed directly from Rione Fondovito and this is named: guaranteed peace and a perfect habitat for dreaming. The third, called La Curia, is on two levels and is ideal to accommodate four adults. On tap to guests in all three Suite spacious bathrooms with hydromassage showers, free Wi-Fi and a voucher for a typical Italian breakfast at a bar located 20 meters away. But for those who want it is also possible breakfast in the room. Not negligible point is the parking, free and right in front of the structure. And, once you park your car, you can drive around the city with the nice gig!

We, together with our Arturo, are particularly enjoyed the quietness of our suites, guaranteed by thick walls although the structure is in the heart of the historic city center. And two were the moments when we still enjoyed more: at dusk and early morning, when the light and transparent curtains let in by the window the magic of the landscape. While everything else stays out preparing the guests to have a good rest and to an equally pleasant awakening.

La Cattedrale Suite
Piazza Benedetto XIII 9, Gravina in Puglia – Bari
Info: + 39 080 3264152 –


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