CasAlexina, the house on Lake Lesina

Sogni d'oroCasAlexina, the house on Lake Lesina


Otto dogfriendlyCasAlexina is the house on the lake that hosted us together with Otto during the Lacus la Terra dei Laghi event. The building stands among the paved streets of the village of Lesina which converge on the main square in which stands the cathedral of thirteenth-century origins and rebuilt in the nineteenth century in Greco-Roman style with an elegant loggia.

Sleep in Lesina with lake view

Lesina has preserved the shape of its medieval past but the majority of the houses and churches were swept away on 30 July 1627 by a gigantic anomalous wave which, following a very strong earthquake, hit the Gargano in the stretch of coast in front of the lake. The tsunami caused the sea to rise which submerged almost the entire Tavoliere delle Puglie, touching the city of Foggia and making the Gargano almost an island because the waters surrounded the Promontory.

Everything was rebuilt so churches and houses stand on the foundations of that city which in ancient times was called Alexina just like the building of CasAlexina which already in the name is a tribute to the place and its history.


The lake is just a few steps away and its view can be fully enjoyed from the terrace furnished with the original seats made from disused sails by the artisans of Il Mare Dentro: the perfect place to enjoy an aperitif at sunset while relaxing or planning the activities to dedicate to during a holiday in the lagoon, an integral part of the Gargano National Park.

CasAlexina therefore refers to ancient Lesina, of which there are numerous testimonies in the surrounding area, such as those of the islet of San Clemente, once directly connected to the mainland. The bed and breakfast ensures a peaceful sleep immersed in the village which was once equipped with city walls, as protection both from high tide and the waters of the lake and from the invasions of Saracens and Slavs.

And it is the perfect base for exploring the area: you can easily reach the free or equipped beaches on foot or by bicycle, take part in excursions around the lake or on the lake aboard catamarans and sandals, the typical fishermen’s boats, plan a small trip to the Tremiti Islands or pamper yourself with tastings of typical products in the lakeside restaurants.


Four elegant rooms have been created in the building: each room takes its name from the syllables of that of the bed and breakfast. Ours, called NA, is the one that has kept the original style of the house most intact with the stone floor and the brick arches of the ceiling. It is located on the ground floor with private access and is on two levels.


On the street level there is a comfortable sofa bed in a bright shade of yellow to enjoy a bit of relaxation while sipping a coffee, tea or herbal tea accompanied by the delicious sweets made available to guests, perhaps watching a bit of TV. The bathroom is small but comfortable with a large shower equipped with lighting. On the dark wooden mezzanine there is a double bed and a wooden chest that brings you back to the past.

The small door next door with the stone access staircase leads to the other wing of CasAlexina which is spread over two floors and houses the other three bedrooms. Above, on the same level as the panoramic terrace, there is the large and bright Room XI which can accommodate up to 3 people, with a double bed and sofa bed.

The staircase leads to Room A, which is characterized by soft colors and the original brick ceiling and is equipped with a small Roman balcony as well as a comfortable relaxation space for breakfast. On the same corridor also the double bedroom LE in earthy colors and illuminated by a balcony and window overlooking the small street of the village.

In all the rooms there is a lot of attention to detail, from the lamps that recall the ropes with which the boats are tied to the piers on the lake, to the tablecloths hand-woven by Maria Voto which recalls the ancient lace and embroidery techniques of the area. All of them then invite you to rest after a slow walk on the banks of the lake, savoring the crisp air of the first autumn days, perhaps at sunset which sets the placid waters on fire.


And if your four-legged friend accompanies you to CasAlexina, he will also be welcome: our Otto has found the soft and refrigerated mattress so he can enjoy a fresh and comfortable sleep!

CasAlexina is ideal for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of living the days at a slow pace, in a unique natural setting: why not take advantage of this suspended Eden, minimal but at the same time poetic, suffused and enveloping, for an autumn break? One day you are at the lake and can enjoy the trekking routes that run along the water, another day you are in the mountains for a walk in the Gargano woods, yet another you immerse yourself in the tranquility of the beaches of Marina di Lesina free from swimmers and umbrellas or treat yourself to a jeep ride on the isthmus of Bosco Isola or at the edge of the water for an exciting birdwatching activity in the protected area of ​​the Sacca Orientale.

The lazy ones can choose to spend a relaxing weekend, having lunch on the banks of the lake and tasting the traditional cuisine of this extreme part of Puglia based on fish products from the sea and lagoon but also on the spontaneous herbs that grow on the banks such as salicornia or sipping a drink close to the shore while reading your favorite book.

Via Piave 13/15 – Lesina (Foggia)
Info: +39 334 2058389 –

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