The first time that Raffaele and Gabriella saw the building, a small farm of the last century, it was little more than a ruin. But it was love at first sight. Located in the countryside that slopes towards the sea on the edge of the ravine in Mottola (we have told it here: countrysides with a splendid view of the Gulf of Taranto and the mountains of Calabria, it had long been used as a house of the family of factor with stables.

Splendid the view of the Gulf of Taranto and the mountains of Calabria

La Casa di Gioia

Subsequently, what is now La Casa di Gioia, it has been abandoned for over forty years. Despite that the building had kept unchanged its charm. So Raffaele and Gabriella decided to buy it and to entrust the architect Carmine Chiarelli for restoration. The project has presented some problems at the beginning because the farm was considered building of historic value and the architect was forced to respect a project able to get all the permissions to kick off the work.

La Casa di Gioia

The oldest part of the farm is a small complex near the ravine and has not yet been restored. Gabriella thinks its right intended use is to house a small spa, which, together with the pool overlooking the farmyard paved with hand-hewn stone that seem to draw a ideal carpet for watching the sunsets behind the profile of the mountains of Calabria, complete the offer for those who choose to stay at La Casa di Gioia.

La Casa di Gioia

On the main facade of the building there are two doors and two dates. The first relates to the farmer’s house built in 1908, the second is that the house built later with a mezzanine floor next to the existing one in 1922.

La Casa di Gioia
The architect Chiarelli had set an ambitious goal: to preserve the characteristics of the structure, this does not change the outward appearance, but making practical and comfortable rooms. The 4 rooms have original floors of the early twentieth century restored to their former splendor and preserve the charm of an old farm. The only decidedly contemporary note, in terms of furniture, is given by Gervasoni furniture.

La Casa di Gioia

For the rest, time seems to stand still. In low premises that served as stables in a separate body from a large courtyard it is the kitchen and breakfast room. This part, more modern and functional, is characterized by large windows overlooking the garden, a microcosm of a thousand shades, that the muted colors of the olive combines the lively blooms of other Mediterranean marvels like prickly pears.

La Casa di Gioia

And there are many corners for outdoor living to share with the hosts the pleasure of being surrounded by nature.

Another essential component of La Casa di Gioia is the color: once the area’s farms were characterized by light blue tint of the walls both outside and inside that was obtained with the vitriol. The owners wanted to play that particular color with modern paintings, but the job has been very difficult so it was decided to paint over white the farm preferring the color for window frames and many details such as home appliances and ceramics which embellish the rooms along with unique items manually created by young and established designers Apulian craftsmen.

The nuance is then declined in the name of the rooms: Cobalt, our ground floor; Lavender, the room on the first floor and the one with balcony; Periwinkle, in the oldest part of which also has a common area with reception and a large white fireplace; Indigo, made in the cellar of the old farmhouse.

La Casa di Gioia

“La casa di Gioia has been from the first moment a romantic project” – Gabriella says to us. Who started from the interpretation of the letters affixed to the door of the building along with the dates, GC initials of the original owner Giovanni Calò, and the concurrence of the acquisition and discovery for Gabriella’s pregnant for the second time. At the end birthed creatures were two: the little Gioia with blue eyes and charming bed and breakfast. That could only be called La Casa di Gioia and become a little paradise to share with guests. And with the third baby on the way, this time a boy, who soon will be with the sisters Erika and Gioia.

La Casa di Gioia
Contrada Marinara 13, Mottola – Taranto
Info: +39 328 6847311 –

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