FriendsMonogramBags, the bag is only yours!

StilinviaggioFriendsMonogramBags, the bag is only yours!

FriendsMonogram is the brand of Claudia and Samanta, two friends who have known each other since their university days and who have been working together for almost 20 years in their city, Lucca, where they organize events as owners of the company “L’Evento”.

The bucket with the initials of your name


Both fashion lovers, they have always been fascinated by the fashion system. And for a long time they had been thinking of a brand to be able to share their love for accessories.
However, taken up by the many commitments and the busy calendars of major events that they also organize in the fashion field, they never managed to find the time to realize their idea and to literally shape their bags that they wanted to call FriendsMonogram.

Then this year came the forced break imposed by the pandemic and suddenly Claudia and Samanta found themselves managing the long time available given the cancellation and postponement of most of the events and being able to think about their FriendsMonogram, bags with a linear shape, colorful, unique and customizable with your initials.


But what conquered me from the beginning, when I found this brand on Instagram which confirms itself as a gold mine for those like me who are always looking for interesting news, is what is at the base of the project that aims to create refined accessories: bags with a fashion character and unquestionable beauty and quality, ideal for creating unusual combinations.

In fact, at the base of the FriendsMonogram brand, all Italian even if at first sight the English name could be misleading, there is first of all a story of female friendship that comes from the creativity and desire of Claudia and Samanta to create their own brand and to propose this model of bucket bag with shoulder strap, handcrafted in leather in various colors and with its own monogram.

The name, FriendsMonogram, is already a hymn to the great friendship of the two members who gave life to this beautiful entrepreneurial adventure, believing that there can be no collaboration and complicity between women. Rather. When women team up they can become a force of nature! Just like Claudia and Samanta and their FriendsMonogram bags that are already giving them a lot of satisfaction and of which they are very proud. And from now on I will be a proud “bearer” too.


I chose it in the camel version with the monogram in brown: the coolest color of the season that actually has no seasons since it is a timeless classic that can be combined with any outfit, from the eco-fur combined with boots when it’s cold outside to the dress in white cotton and Sangallo lace with the low leather sandal in the summertime.


What is its must? In addition to the versatility that allows you to wear it from morning to evening, certainly its main characterization is the customization of the monogram that can be chosen in contrast with the color of the bag allowing you to “play” at a time when lightness is particularly welcome and you need to look to the future with optimism and confidence.

In addition, the FriendsMonogram brand leverages quality: the bags are handmade in Tuscany, a region that has a long and historic tradition relating to this craft sector. Claudia and Samanta then set themselves the goal of producing accessories that last over time, but with a touch of nonchalance that is given to these colorful bags, offered in a palette of colors ranging from “dusty” to the most brilliant: from classic black to yellow in lemon and mustard nuances, from bright fuchsia to pale wisteria, from red that makes Christmas so much to elegant ice, dove and camel shades.

While it is the bucket shape, compact but with the perfect size to hold everything you need, which makes them sophisticated and refined as well as suitable for completing the look of women of all ages. And to last over time not only for the quality of the materials, but also because they do not get bored and do not “age”, in perfect line with what is the real trend of the moment that can best be summed up with the motto “Make it last” : buy things that can last a long time.


And then you want to put the pleasure of being able to communicate to the world that that bag is only yours? The customization not only makes them traceable to the wearer, but being an artisanal and completely handmade process, each one is different from the other and therefore unique.

In short, if you have always dreamed of an accessory with your initials, this is the time to do it by ordering a FriendsMonogram, to give as a gift or to treat yourself at Christmas. How? By contacting Claudia and Samanta through a message to their official Instagram account.

Info: +39 333 6914670

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