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Arturo: valutazione 5 ossiIt happens sometimes that is like going for a ride in places that seem to stop in time. In opposite or nearly to that towards which the crowds head. Not snobbery but to go and see, maybe live for a few days, the districts in which life trickling between green and amaranth of the woods, views over rolling hills and goats that roam free like dogs between the courts of ancient farms climbing on chiancarelle of trulli cones.

We are in the Serra district, one kilometer from Locorotondo, in the middle of Valle d’Itria, a few dozen kilometers from the regional capital, but it looks like the face of another time. And it is here, alone on a hill, in the midst of a campaign of hills and valleys, rising Masseria Rocchella, owned by the family Aprile since 1852. Today the farm is open to the hospitality of those seeking quiet moments and a simple and friendly setting. Both sisters Vittoria and Maria Chiara deal to welcome guests with their dazzling smiles that make feel immediately at home anyone who chooses Masseria Rocchella as a base to enjoy the Valle d’Itria.

The history of the farm, however, tells dad Francesco. Originally it was called Serra like the district but from a certain point in time was defined Rocchella: do not know when or why changed its name. The most plausible reason is that the new name is linked to the traps for thrushes said cones here widely used given the proximity of the farm to the forest. The farm, the family’s summer home in April 1978, since 2000 has become the permanent home after the final transfer from the house in the village center. In July 2014, after three years of restoration work carried out in full compliance with the original architecture using materials recovered from the farm itself, were open to hospitality the trulli, once dedicated to farming as the home of the farmer and his family, stables, sheep pens and storage of tools.

Four the rooms, all uniquely named plant species. Ours was Alloro, a comfortable and cared suite, consists of five trulli: the two largest are destined for the master bedroom and living room with sofa bed, and the bathroom, the anti kitchen with refrigerator and equipped kitchenette, are in the three smaller cones. The other three are Basilico, which includes the oldest and rare trulli, that in a circular cone shaped from the base with a diameter of 5 meters and a large “cummersa” living room with kitchenette; Menta, the trulli living room with sofa bed and two rooms with vaulted ceilings, one for the master bedroom, the bathroom the other; and, finally, Rosmarino, made up of three trulli.

Since March of 2015, the farm is in the hands of Vittoria and Maria Chiara that illustrate so excited about the contribution of their ideas, such as the library which houses books destined Book Sharing, ie books that are shared and passed from reader to player after being labeled. But it is not enough. In fact, the online repository and tracking system allows users to get in touch with other readers, comments and reviews, and to exchange and follow their books every time they move. Another initiative which they take a lot is the barter, that is the opportunity to stay at the farm in exchange for goods or services, which also ensures an exchange of knowledge, opinions, experiences and professionalism.

Masseria Rocchella
S.C. 27 Contrada Serra, Locorotondo – Bari
Maria Chiara Aprile: tel. +39 331 8431906

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