EastCoast: tied at your wrist!

Unusual materials like laces and buttons and bright colors are the hallmarks of Eastcoast bracelets. But behind this brand is above all the idea, the winning idea to create with common everyday objects such as shoe laces with to simple buttons, the true objects of desire, the “must have” to show off at every season.

The formula proposed by the two designers Vincenzo Amendolagine (from Puglia) and Emanuele Rivosecchi (from Marche) it proved to be “right”: to join a democratic design, a fresh and fun image to sophisticated materials such as pure Italian wool and cotton of high quality.
The bracelets, entirely made in Italy, follow the rhythms of fashion and communicate energy and radiance. They are made in many different ways which match the ten colors of the laces with contrasting final parts, always declined in lilac, the color of the brand, at six different shapes and colors of the four buttons. The buttons produced in the shape of star, flower, heart, diamond, triangle and circle, plus special version that includes timeless Swarovski, bold studs and elegant Italian lace.

The different combinations of laces and buttons give birth to more than three hundred matchings to combine with different looks and even the mood of the day with EastCoast bracelets becomes definitely more cheerful and colorful.
So why not try them all? There is one for every day of the year! I, for the weekend spent in Castro on the occasion of the World Aquabike, I have “tied the wrist” bracelet fuchsia: color adrenaline in theme with the event supercool and full of energy, but also an ultra-feminine color that gave a touch of brio to all that I wore.

Eastcoast (www.eastcoast.eu.com)  was founded in April 2013 by the innovative and curious minds of two young designers, Vincenzo Amendolagine and Emanuele Rivosecchi.
In a constant evolution, the designers are already working on the next collection, which will see the ready-made become more glamorous and more and more linked to the territory.

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