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Tailored: it means having an item of clothing made that fits perfectly. Typically involving rehearsal trials with the seamstress taking measurements of bust, waist, hips, length.

Skirts and other tailored items made in Tuscany

I know this well since I am the nephew of a seamstress and that for years I have worn the garments made by her for me. But before I got to show off my dress, my blouse, my skirt, there were several preparatory stages. Starting with the choice of model in specialized newspapers. Then we would go around together to fabric shops to buy the most suitable one and, therefore, my aunt got to work cutting and baste the garment. At this point the tests began, sometimes exhausting, because everything had to fall perfectly. And so I had to stay still, turn around and still stay still until, wading over the edge, Aunt Anna exclaimed to those who attended the rehearsals “look how good it falls”!

All this came back to my mind, including my feeling of impatience in wanting to see the garment finished in order to show it off, when the box containing the skirt tailor-made for me by Dado d arrived home. Only measures required? That of the waistline and height. For me a real miracle!

I never thought I could buy a garment online and above all I never bet that once worn it would adapt perfectly to my figure and without any tests!

su misuraIt is certainly the “magical” side of the web, but not only. Because at the base of the Dado d. there is not only the knowledge of sartorial art together with experiences with meter and fabric, but the dream of Emily Cacciò who is its soul.

Always passionate about fashion, design and lifestyle, in fact, after studying architecture and various work experiences in the fashion and customer care sectors, she decides to dedicate herself to this new company.

Emily’s task is not just to take the measurements, but to guide the customer towards choosing the perfect garment. Every detail is decided together and every customization means deep understanding of expectations to ensure the best result.

So, Dado d. is above all passion, the one with a capital p. Starting with the name. Dado d. embodies her greatest loves: her son Edoardo affectionately called Dado and design, represented by the letter d.
Her motto? “Live of beauty”! Because Emily firmly believes in the saving power of beautiful things and she is sure that it will be beauty that will save the world: this is the roaring engine of her entire project.

That begins long before the creation of the garment, right from the design of some of the patterns of the fabrics that she uses for her creations, in which a lot of attention is paid to the tailoring detail.
All fabrics are in limited quantities because made-to-measure garments also mean an exclusive creation, created especially for those who order it. And the collections also change often and are never distributed in large numbers.

Who chooses Dado d. knows and this is one of the greatest pleasures of wearing a unique and personalized garment, from skirts to dresses, from clutches to scarves. So if you too want to order a made-to-measure garment, just follow the simple instructions indicated on the website and… wait for your box!

Let’s go back to mine. Because the surprise, once the box is opened, comes not only through the elegant packaging in which the skirt is wrapped, with precious paper and burgundy satin ribbon stopped by an ear of wheat, but also from the light cloud of perfume that envelops you in a warm and at the same time delicate embrace.

su misura

And finally, the skirt, which when worn represents a perfect dialogue between dress and person. The Bud Blue skirt by Dado d. represents me and not only because I have chosen the color, design and fabric, a soft wool and cotton fabric perfect for the season, but because it gives me the certainty of bringing a symbol of craftsmanship, of a rediscovered time and a gentle and very feminine comfort.

su misura

In addition, it is a versatile skirt that follows the current trend, buy less but better, changing our wardrobe and enriching it with quality garments, but with more souls. In fact, it is enough to change accessories and change the outfit from the right one in the morning to the one in which you are ready for an important evening.

An ideal travel companion, in short, who together with me will tell about the atmospheres experienced in the places we will visit. Moreover, Emily knows very well that the future of fashion is in storytelling, with digital acting as a sounding board. And this is why she decided to entrust us with one of her “creatures”, to have it expressed through words and images in the travel magazine Città Meridiane and to convey her personal story and that of her tailored pieces to her and our audience.

Dado d.
Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 54 – Livorno

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