Cinque Amici, artfully made gloves

Cinque Amici returns to value time. Everything you need to do things right. Just as they propose themselves with their custom-made leather gloves, starting with choosing the raw material among the softest and most precious leathers. Then they dedicate themselves to the design of the models proposed in both the female and male versions.

Tailor made from Transylvania

The next phase is that of waiting: once the customer has chosen the preferred model, he provides the measurements of his hand following the instructions received.
From here the size is precisely deduced and gloves are made that faithfully reflect the size of those who bought them remotely.

Cinque Amici

Nothing is left to chance when making Cinque Amici gloves, everything leads to an optimal result. But there is also a percentage of unpredictability, of magic, because the leather has shades that give character to each glove. So gloves are becoming objects which in turn create emotions. And then they get better over time, tending to resemble the wearer, that’s why they literally have to go into good hands.

Cinque Amici

The charm of this work lies in the uniqueness of the pieces, each with its own personality, ready to meet that of those who buy them. It is an alchemy.
Where does it happen? The headquarters of the Cinque Amici company, founded by Szili and Reka, is in the Marosvásárhely region, in Transylvania, a place with a long history in artisan leather goods based on a timeless tradition, capable of creating products that last for the entire life.

Cinque Amici

Cinque Amici was born from the desire to continue in the wake of that tradition, with the same love for craftsmanship that already emerges in the name chosen to testify, in their rigorously handmade products, the presence of the 5 design personalities: designer, tanner, tailor, decorator and seamstress. In fact, all these professional skills are necessary to be able to create a custom-made leather glove. But the name, they emphasize, also brings to mind the meaning of relationship, friendship and love – love for others and for one’s profession.

And we can testify that this love is all poured into the final product: each glove is created specifically for those who order it and no two pairs are alike, each one is unique as well as the person who wears it. And, as they say, they must fit like a glove, like a second skin.

We were also intrigued that every pair has a name and we asked Szili and Reka who they got their inspiration from. Their response sent us back to the concept of love and friendship we have already mentioned. In fact, the names are those of their friends’ children: Klara, Alice, Berta and Nora for the female models, and Alexander, Zente, Marcell and Andrew, for the male ones. An added value for these real hand-made works of art derived from deep knowledge and great craftsmanship, all to be handed down to generations to come.

Cinque Amici

Who will repeat exactly the processing steps necessary to make Cinque Amici gloves, starting with the one in which each piece of leather is examined, of which only the best is used: this process is performed only by experts who make sure that each pair is practically flawless. How do you proceed? As each piece of leather naturally stretches, it is stretched to ensure the perfect fit to the glove.

The next steps are those of drawing and cutting the edges, which are then sewn together by the seamstresses. The process ends with pressing and ironing: at this point the gloves are ready to last a lifetime!

Cinque Amici

Cinque Amici’s pride is in creating high quality products: “not just a pair of gloves” – underline Szili and Reka – “but an item that will last a long time allowing you to buy less”. A sustainable project that respects the environment also through the choice of packaging made only with 100% recycled cardboard. But the will to follow the philosophy of eco-sustainability is present from the first phase of production: the leathers come strictly from animals raised for the food industry. These are therefore by-products that are reused, reducing the excessive use of land, resources, water and the production of waste that would end up directly in landfills.
A virtuous project that we really liked and that demonstrates that high craftsmanship, attentive to quality starting from the raw material, also exists outside national borders.

Cinque Amici

It was a great emotion for us to open the box from far away Transylvania, a region famous for its wonderful castles and for Bram Stoker and his Dracula, and to smell the unmistakable smell of new leather.

And then how to describe the sensation of these super soft gloves on the skin, their perfect fit and the warmth they give as soon as they are worn? We chose the Klara model in yellow nappa, perfect for an elegant and sophisticated style.

And remember that leather gloves heat up more than fleece ones, even if you tend to think the opposite. And if you are particularly cold they can be lined in wool and cashmere. Another false myth to dispel is that they are delicate: they are resistant and if well cared for can last a lifetime.

Szili and Reka from Cinque Amici explain how to do it. First, you need to put them on and take them off correctly. Don’t pull too hard, neither when putting on nor when taking off, starting by pulling your fingers one by one.
To maintain the original color, texture and beauty of the skin, avoid direct contact with dust and light and keep them away from alcohol or oil-based substances such as cosmetics, perfumes or disinfectants, using talcum powder, sodium bicarbonate or starch corn to remove grease stains. If necessary, take them to a dry cleaner but they should not be washed with water and should not be worn in case of rain!

To keep them at their best, they should be gently placed in their box. But now it’s time to use them to protect your hands from the first cold and also to give them away. We will help you to choose them! You never go wrong with a nice pair of leather gloves. The difference can be made by the color: from the classics such as gray or dark blue, to the shades of dark green and brown autumn leaves, up to daring orange, red, green or a delicate ivory.

Whatever the nuance chosen, the leather gloves are a timeless classic, capable of giving character to even the most anonymous outfit, giving emotions from season to season.

Cinque Amici
140A Principala street – Corunca, Romania

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