Cappelleria Palladio, historic workshop in Vicenza

Cappelleria Palladio: you cannot go to Vicenza without passing by this shop declared historic in 2007 which since the end of the 1800s in Contra ’Pescherie Vecchie has offered an exceptional choice of hats.

Handmade hats by skilled craftsmen

Our purpose, in fact, is precisely this: to visit the current headquarters as soon as possible, which has been in Piazzetta Palladio since 1959 and browse and admire the elegant and sporty models, rigorously handmade by skilled craftsmen, mainly Italian, but also English, French , Germans, and choose ours.

Cappelleria PalladioAt the moment we are satisfied, so to speak, with hats seen on the very active Instagram profile of Cappelleria Palladio which has consolidated the relationship with its customers with new communication methods through social channels, from Facebook to YouTube, from Pinterest to precisely Instagram. Without ever neglecting to strengthen ties with “physical” and regular customers based on quality, efficiency and reliability. To which security has been added in this period: with over five rooms arranged on two levels and constantly ventilated, interpersonal distances are guaranteed and therefore everyone’s health.

Cappelleria Palladio

In Cappelleria Palladio, tradition and evolution go hand in hand: resourcefulness, commitment and perseverance have created a perfect integration between the most classic fashion and models that meet the current needs of modern life. In this way, Cappelleria Palladio can not only address all segments of the market, but is able to offer models for all styles, ages and pockets.
A true paradise for me who, as you may have understood by now, have a weakness for accessories such as gloves, scarves and hats.

Cappelleria Palladio

Headdresses have always been an object of my desire and in any season, in straw or canvas in summer and in felt and wool in winter, and there are many solutions between shapes, colors and proportions that adapt to every look.

Cappelleria Palladio

Choosing among the many models and colors was not easy, so first I took a look at the fashion trends of this autumn-winter when the hat is back in the limelight. At the same time following the advice of Christian Dior who in 1954 wrote in his “The little dictionary of fashion” that “A hat is essential to complete the outfit. It is the best way to express your personality”.

So I pleasantly discovered that the fashion trends in hats look with a little nostalgia to the forties, when the protagonists were the wide-brimmed and the high ribbon felt models and berets. In short, my favorites!

Cappelleria Palladio

And to face the colder season with style and character, I chose these cult and indispensable models: a Fedora in an elegant dove-gray shade and a bright grass green for the woolen cloth beret.

Of the latter I have an entire collection in my closet but I like to show off in every color and I missed green! After all, nothing like the timeless Basque gives an appeal between preppy and très français and at the same time a romantic and dreamy air. We interpreted it by making it dialogue with our territory on a walk between the countryside among the autumn colors and fruits.

Cappelleria Palladio

While a Fedora gives a sophisticated aplomb and is perfect with the trench coat for a diva allure or worn in a more contemporary way with a casual look or the faux fur coat.

Cappelleria Palladio

Having established the must-have models of the year, when should the hat be put on and taken off? We women are a little easier than men because we can also keep it indoors, forced to remove it only when we sit at the table and at the cinema. In weddings, on the other hand, it can be kept on the head even during the reception.

To learn how to wear it, we can be inspired by those who know how to do it best by aiming very high. And to whom if not Queen Elizabeth who, according to legend, possesses over five thousand hats? Among other things, one of my great wishes is to be able to attend Royal Ascot, the most important equestrian event in the world, to be able to wear a very eccentric hat without feeling out of place.

Cappelleria Palladio

A decidedly more achievable desire is to reach Vicenza to participate in one of the events that Cappelleria Palladio organizes with the aim of making known and passing on the history and culture of the hat and to admire the private collection housed inside which includes particular specimens, from the evening accordion top hat to the Churchill lobbia, from the English Bobby to the colonial helmet of the 20s, from the typical Venetian tricorn to the folding panama, from the 30s feather hats to a series of original headdresses of typical costumes from all over the world as fez, sombrero, Indian turban, Chinese, African, South American headdresses and many more. In the collection there are also books, treatises, paintings and prints concerning the world of the hat, from its origins to today.

As we have already pointed out at the beginning, this historic workshop famous in Italy and all over the world, the destination of countless enthusiasts, is an unmissable stop during a stay in Vicenza, one of the pearls of the Veneto region, a chest of Palladio’s treasures and Heritage of Humanity.

Cappelleria Palladio
Historical workshop in Vicenza
Piazzetta Andrea Palladio, 13 – Contrà Pescherie Vecchie, 2 – Vicenza
Tel. +39 0444 324516

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