Boblu is a sound that immediately remembers Mina’s famous song The thousand blue bubbles! But in reality it is an acronym that brings together in a very musical word the names of the two designers of the project: Roberta Bob Dibenedetto and Luciana Rutigliano.

Boblu, an independent publishing project


Graphic designer the first, copywriter/web content the second, both of Barletta, met and decided to create an independent publishing project. What is shared is the passion for handmade, creativity, sustainability, books, all forms of art and the habit of writing anything on paper.


And it is this habit that met us of Città Meridiane with them, Boblu. But let’s talk to them. They tell us: “Boblu is noise and scent of recycled paper. It is words and images interspersed with white, free and irregular spaces. It is self-production, patience and resilience”.


What they produce, in fact, is a midway between book illustrated and agenda telling stories through recycled paper found around. Paper that do not merely assemble according to their taste and the excitement of the moment, but that with ad hoc courses, real workshops dedicated to everyone, from 0 to 99 years, make available, along with their patience and their techniques, of those who want to learn the art by then putting their personalized notebooks.

BobluBut that’s not all. Digital natives have handlettering their life philosophy. So instead of printing, they use stamps, images and words cut out from magazines, past event posters, packing and food packaging, old catalogs, and printing tests.

A world of small stories and “scraps” to which they give a second chance transforming them into notebooks and small copybooks that are an invitation to the return of writing and freehand design.

How could we remain insensitive to that invitation? At the base of writing for me there is a question of perception and feeling. Very often, for example, I associate images with smells and flavors and I visualize feelings.


So I immediately thought Boblu’s creations were ideal for collecting my notes that are now jealously preserved among the irregular pages of the “Wanderlust” series dedicated to the trip and the recipes that I manage to roam home cooks and chef on the rough straw paper of “Food” notebooks created to collect them…


Even the hand-carved wood stamp logo confirms their editorial line: an irregular spiral indicates the concentration of space and time. A note also about the color choice of their stamp: Indigo, used in chromotherapy, is soothing of pain as well as being the color of the solutions because it helps to open the mind. One of the irregular circles of the spiral is also the encounter between the two creatives, re-established after different experiences of work and life and together they open a new concentric circle, the path of resilience and the union between word and image through self-production.

Which of course is one of the final aims of the project along with the rediscovery of the ancient art of binding and craftsmanship and the reduction of waste.

In fact, Luciana and Roberta’s goal is to create an open project capable of networking both with paper suppliers and with other creative realities such as writers, copywriters/bloggers, graphic designers, designers, illustrators, photographers, video makers, artisans, through collaborations, in order to create a unique, authentic and non-repeatable final product.


BOBLU is a project by Luciana Rutigliano (Copywriter/Web Content) and Roberta Dibenedetto (Graphic Designer)


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