Happy as a clam! Can it be said even out of season? Because that’s exactly what I felt when I was delivered to my beautiful box Acqua dell’Elba label.

Acqua dell'ElbaAnd just from the wrap and its eye-catching packaging I want to start out to describe the emotion mentioned at the beginning of the post. The color is shimmering and is resumed by a precious gemstone, Acquamarina: a stone used in crystallotherapy for its properties. Among these is the reduction of stress and the overcoming of pain. It is for this reason that only to look at the box I felt a sense of great serenity that has barely contained the euphoria of wanting to immediately seperate the elegant bottle to sniff the content!

The scents of the sea in the essences of Acqua dell’Elba

Acqua dell'Elba

Acqua dell'ElbaAt this point I came spontaneously to close my eyes to aspirate every smell and bring me to the sea universe of the Eau de Parfum Acqua dell’Elba, between the freshness of the sea and the flowers: pure sea, orange, myrtle, gardenia, jasmine and Mediterranean scrub. Soon after, I opened the second bottle, that of Acqua, Essenza di un’Isola, which, as its name implies, contains the essence of a land between citrus fruits and hints of salt, seaweed, myrtle and jasmine flowers, cedar wood, water moss and myrtle berries.

Acqua dell'Elba

Acqua dell'ElbaFresh and intense scents in the same way that anticipate those that we will soon savor at Elba where we are heading in the second half of September and we will talk about mixing them with those of the sea breeze blowing in the isolated coves and salt moisture after the bath in the inviting sapphire blue sea.

And we already imagine, just touching the nose with the ampoule, the breathtaking landscapes of the earth that welcomed Napoleon in his first exile.

Acqua dell'ElbaAnd by wearing it every day we are surprised by the lively and spontaneous air that gives immediate pleasure through the original salin arrangement that adds an unprecedented touch to the composition of herbs, flowers, woods and fruits.

The skill of Marciana Marina’s artisans was to find the elegant balance between these elements created with natural raw materials and aquatic notes.

A fresh and delicate effusion that you notice! We are direct witnesses: every time we wrap our wrists with a touch of perfume Acqua dell’Elba tell us “what good, what fragrance is it?”.

Acqua dell'Elba

It gives us the feeling of having something just worn on the skin and at the same time makes up us feelings, places, memories. And we look forward to associating these olfactory emotions with the place where they live by visiting the Marciana Marina workroom, a sort of craft workshop of the third millennium, where high quality raw materials and accurate processes are inspired by the Renaissance Tuscany secular tradition.

Acqua dell'Elba

Here is the heart of Acqua dell’Elba, where since 2000 Chiara, Fabio and Marco passionately carry their project distilling the essence of an extraordinary environment and creating unique and inimitable fragrances that now accompany us in every our trip.


Acqua dell’Elba
Via A. Moro 69, Marciana Marina (Li)
Info: +39 0565 99513 – info@acquadellelba.it


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