palazzo Castromediano

From the castle to the palace. This is also one of the most ancient and evocative venues of Salento, located in the heart of the city of Lecce. In fact, the suites of Palazzo Castromediano come from a wing of a building that is believed to be 2000 years old . In its cellars, have been found the remains of a pagan temple dedicated to one of the most important deities of antiquity: Isis, goddess of fertility and motherhood. Palazzo Vernazza, the part of the imposing complex overlooking Piazza Pellegrino, is characterized by disharmonious architectural elements, relating to the medieval era.

We spent the night in what used to be a guard tower, once home to the sentinels, dating back to the twelfth century, with walls made of local stone, of subtle warm shades of color. Each suite has a female name, Irene, Maurilia, Ermelinda, Angela and Lucrezia, a private entrance, a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi. Furnished in a contemporary style that pleasantly contrasts with the fireplaces and exposed beams that highlight the historical aspect of the building. The suites provide a pleasant night’s sleep despite, as in any building that has experienced so much history, there’s a the occasional ghost. We have not perceived the discreet presence, except for the creaking of the beams of the ceiling over our heads, except it seems, in fact, that the specter haunting the Palazzo Castromediano likes to walk at night!
For their position in the historical center of Lecce, the suites are ideal for those who want to experience the history and legend in a house of great charm.

Suite Palace Castromediano
Vicolo Vernazza 4, Lecce
Info: +39 392 1754052 –

(Traduzione di Monia Saponaro)



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