The little house among the trees in Orte

Sogni d'oroThe little house among the trees in Orte


The little house among the trees, the Luxury Chalet in the Wood, was the fourth structure, after the Castello di Proceno, the Agriturismo Piani della Marina in Tarquinia and the suite The path of happiness in Opera Calcata, to host our #Sognidoro in Tuscia.
On the entrance door, the word Welcome, above a heart engraved with a small house, joyfully announces the spirit of the chalet nestled in the woods around Orte.

A chalet for two plus four legs


A comfortable and functional yet unusual refuge in which wood gives the sensation of having a second skin that protects and, at the same time, muffles noises and releases serenity. And where our friends with tails and four legs are also welcome!


This is how the owners, Alberto and Tiziana, who live a few steps away, wanted it and who described it to us in this way: “A place born for us, where to go often and easy to live in, with the atmosphere of the mountain, but with a fairytale touch, which we then wanted to share with our guests”.


The little house, in fact, small and surrounded by trees, seems to come out of a storybook by magic. Arriving in a clearing in the middle of the trees, through a road that winds between butcher’s bushes and dense woods and admiring the chalet from a distance, the story of Hansel and Gretel comes to mind. Then, approaching, one gets the impression that at any moment Grandma Duck might appear with one of her famous apple pies from one of the windows screened by white lace curtains and adorned with colorful flowers.

The interior is developed in a single environment with natural colors that blend with the warm colors of the wood. The chalet is pervaded by a mélange of tradition and ironic veins. A timeless place where lamps-teapots hanging from the ceiling transform the room into a dreamlike setting where you expect to see the March Hare and the Mad Hatter appear for tea in the company of Alice in Wonderland.

Small but complete, the hut houses a kitchen with table and chairs, a bathroom, a wall equipped with a flat screen TV, wi-fi, air conditioning and a sofa bed: ideal for two people with even a large hairy “intruder” like Otto, who loved running among the trees of the extensive private fenced wood that surrounds the structure in the countryside of Orte.


A soothing place that shows off its little “treasures” outside. What are we talking about? Of the infrared sauna where it is very pleasant to relax listening to music and experiencing a deep feeling of well-being after a long walk in the woods in the presence of the foliage of the trees that sway moved by the wind among which the birds jump from branch to branch: a scenario idyllic in its peace and simplicity.

But, above all, of the evening pampering that we allowed ourselves: a hot and sparkling bath among the bubbles of the whirlpool tub under the transparent dome illuminated by a thousand lights. Left Otto in the house we enjoyed this moment of couple between the steam and the bright stars in the sky clearly visible through the bubble that guarantees a warm atmosphere even on the coolest evenings.

A pleasant break before saying goodnight and sleeping surrounded by nature and after a lavish dinner at the historic Lazio restaurant and hotel owned by Tiziana’s family, where abundant portions of local goodness are guaranteed, such as exquisite fettuccine with wild boar.


And at night you can appreciate the silence: far away the chaos, traffic and stress, here only nature and a sky full of stars! And in the morning, before saying goodbye to our cottage among the trees, we could not help but take another walk among the greenery with our Otto with an immersive forest bath, breathing in the aromatic benefits of the forest sitting on the roots or embracing to the barks.


A holiday in the hut in the woods near Orte represents a true romantic dream that gives guests the emotion of a strong bond with nature and that must be experienced as a couple or, as in our case, in three together with the four-legged we guarantee you will have a lot of fun here, free to run around on the lawn and in the woods.

Luxury Chalet in the Wood
On Airbnb Vacation Homes in Orte
Info and reservations: Tiziana +39 338 8740275

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