The History Banned a stone’s throw from home

To greet the summer we recommend a day full immersion in nature and history. Where? In Brindisi di Montagna in Basilicata where this year in the Parco della Grancia was replicated the enthralling show of “The History Banned” event was born in 1999 and able to attract well 20 thousand people every year. The final performance for the summer of 2015 will be Saturday, September 26 so if you have never seen this historical representation of the exploits of the General Carmine Crocco and the Lucan people is the good opportunity to do so!

Everything is perfectly reproduced, from costumes to scenery and you can feel really fell in 1861, when the inhabitants of Lucania decided to rise against the union of Italia fighting for its own “Risorgimento”. The protagonist of these risings, along with other important historical figures represented by the “brigantesse”, Carmine Donatelli said Crocco, admirably played by Angelo Pessolano: originally from Rionero in Vulture, former military Bourbon army became robber with a price on his head.

The figurants are hundred in the various tableaux vivants on an area of 50 hectares behind the wing of the hills topped by the ruins of the castle Fittipaldi and strategically lit up.
75 minutes of this unique show of its kind that uses actors playing voiced by famous voices such as those of Michele Placido who is talking Crocco, Lina Sastri, Orso Maria Guerrini, Nanni Tamma, Paolo Ferrari and with a soundtrack signed by artists like Antonello Venditti, Lucio Dalla, Eddy Napoli, Luciano Di Giandomenico, David Petrosino.

But for those who decide to attend the show, the advice is to get to the park early in the morning or early afternoon because it is relaxing to walk in the woods and moreover you can take part in falconry in the natural valley of the Amphitheatre of the Eagles by of Bitmovies and to browse through the large aviaries that house different species of birds of prey.
Then if the walks have whetted your appetite, you can do like us and you stop by the Taverna di Posta to savor delicious foods of Lucania immersed in a retrò atmosphere of a nineteenth century’s inn.
Later, sated, prepare you to get involved by the effects more than special made such a setting in 5D: lights and moving images projected on the mountains and in the valley, mirrors and water games, ominous shadows of battles, fires, explosions of cannons and other firearms. And if like us you are traveling with a four-legged, stay very close by, because the shots will cause him great alarm!

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