The gecko in love


“You don’t born cilentano, but you become cilentano”: we have made our this sentence and this is the fourth time that we come back in a beautiful and hospitable land that in addition to satisfying all five senses, conquers the heart and the soul. Cilento is also a territory that has to teach very much, especially to those of us who choose to live their journey slowly, facing curves, bends and roads cut off by landslides, with “philosophy”. And right here, in a room with stone walls and ceiling with wooden beams, surrounded by a dense forest between the mountains and the sea, we have learned that geckos have a voice!

In the silence of the night we heard a strange verse, like that of a frog, but “vented”. We have turned on the light, checked that there was “someone” under the bed and in the closet, and then, between the ceiling beams, we saw him: the gecko in love!
The morning after, in fact, a quick search on the Internet showed us that the gecko, unlike all the other lizards that are muted and reptiles that hiss, is equipped with voice and emits a verse, but only when he is in love to call females. Since then we had never met geckos in love and we had to come in Cilento to hear for the first time a verse that is difficult to describe in words, but that is already contained in its name since the Indonesian root that is geck-geck, namely ‘ imitation of his call sound like a croak.

(Ph. di Silvia Sorbi)