The garden is served!

orto in vetrina

An address where do the shopping purchasing garden genuine products free from Chinese tomatoes and vegetables with pesticides? A anti-crisis shop in which the production chain is short and there is not speculation in the prices? The answer to both questions is: San Basilio, Via Giovanni Macchi 6 in Minervino di Lecce on the provincial road (SP56) that connects Minervino to Poggiardo. We are in Salento and here they are combined the two elements of the convenience and quality derived from the experience and work of Giovanni Maggio with his wife Daniela Palma, assisted by their parents Luigi and Rita, the father-in-law Antonio Palma and Romano Guida.

Shopping is really zero kilometer, which is not only a figure of speech as with a few steps you can reach the Maggio company’s fields, in which the vegetables and seasonal vegetables are healthy, good and grown without pesticides. The same range of colors and flavors you can find it among the retail shelves set in an old family barn dating back to 1936, with the vaulted ceilings and the walls in golden tuff, decorated in a simple and functional way with farm tools and utensils used in the ancient oil mills and a few furniture on which find their rightful place quality productions such as pickles, preserves, legumes, baked goods and especially oil, San Basilio in fact, tied to the place names of the funds planted with olive trees of “Maggio Giovanni” company. The olive trees that grow in San Basilio, Contrada Colaturchio and Tenuta Filitti belong to cultivar Cellina of Nardò, Picholine, variety of French origin, and Cima di Melfi.

Before long baskets and boxes of red tomato salad and sauce, brilliant orange pumpkins, cauliflower and cabbage, then eggplant, carrots, green beans, celery, fennel, zucchini, are emptied by virtue also of prices, often lower than currents. But the real added value is the feeling you get entering and finding the warmth of country people. Everything is affordable, but we have had the privilege of gathering together with Giovanni vegetables directly in the field! While to the wife Daniela you can ask for advice on cooking methods of each vegetable to preserve its antioxidant properties.

San Basilio
Azienda Agricola Maggio Giovanni
Via G. Macchi, 6 – Minervino (Le)
Tel. 0836 818164 – 328 2146353



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