The first Città Meridiane’s birthday


A year has passed, it flew! And our blog, slowly grew: in numbers, but especially in the experiences and emotions that we experienced in the first person and, hopefully, we did live even to those who follow us. To you we want to say thank you because you are more and more to believe in our philosophy of travel four-legged and four-paws that, in this hyper-technological and hectic goes against the current, catching every moment to enjoy the journey.

So we return fully into the concept of “slow travel”: going slowly we capture aspects of travel, and life, which can get out when we run from one station to another, from an airport to another, on the faster tape of  motorway… We prefer short journeys by car, by bike, on foot or horseback, those that allow you meetings also unusual. And chatting discover things to tell that no book or guide reports…

So enjoy your trip to us and to you who follow us!


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