Sardinia: old charm and souvenirs

A full day is dedicated to Alghero, a city with unique charm that still preserves the memory of his Catalans past. The best way to visit is to board a horse-drawn carriage: you can so to turn out all the charm of the city that is concentrated in the ancient village on the sea and included in the perimeter of the ramparts.

From the Tower of St. John to the Tower of Sperone or Espero Reial, better known as Sulis Tower, which, with its 22 meters high, is the most imposing tower of the city wall. And then the towers of the Magdalene, St. Elmo, known as “La Madonnina” for the statue that dominates, and de la Polvorera, those de Sant Jaume (St. James) and Portalo or Porta Terra that seem to oversee the churches St. Francis, St. Michael with its famous polychrome dome, the Church of Mercy which houses the precious Santcristus (wooden statue from Spain), the former church of the Madonna del Rosario now home to the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, and the palaces witnesses both of the Aragonese-Catalan history is the next one tied to the Savoy Kingdom.

Few kilometers and you reach Capo Caccia: here the protagonist is the majestic limestone promontory pierced of caves that rises 168 meters above the cobalt blue sea. On top of high cliffs, whose name probably derives from hunting wild pigeons here in the old days, it stands out the Semaforo, massive white lighthouse. While set in the mountain there is the spectacular Neptune’s Grotto which can be reached by sea or from the road going down the Escala del Cabirol, 656 steps cut into the cliff.

The week is over but we want to take with us a tangible reminder of this extraordinary tour in Sardinia. Many are the objects typical of the Sardinian tradition that might be the perfect gift, starting from the traditional Sardinian-knife with the handle finely worked horn like Sa Pattadesa, originally from Pattada. Of course there pecorino of various ages and honey to combine with each of them, from the orange to the most delicate of arbutus and asphodel.

But the most precious memories are those that are “touched” me: a thin yellow gold bracelet with red coral beads of Alghero, which is the symbol of the city, also in the emblem. And the Sardinian faith, a true work of art that since then, along with the wedding, is always at my ring, well aware that its value goes beyond its beauty. In fact, tradition tells that the man, before making the proposed eternal love to his woman, was talking to Janas, the fairies who lived in Sardinia in nuraghic age, for their protection and their help. Fairies, to support their protected, wove a golden thread, creating a ring should be worn left ring finger. The traditional form of the Sardinian faith – formed by small balls – symbolizes the grains of wheat, as a sign of prosperity and bond of love.

Only regret? Not being able to enjoy the boat ride between the Archipelago of La Maddalena islands: because of the wind too strong we had to give up the trip already booked on board the Lion of Caprera, a 14 meters of 1952, where we have lunch on board amid the beautiful scenery of Spargi, Razzoli, Budelli and Santa Maria, with a stop in the natural pool of clear water that is created at the center of the three islands. Next time!


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