Masseria Mozzone: genuine Puglia

Sogni d'oroMasseria Mozzone: genuine Puglia

Masseria Mozzone is authentic. Here, among the centuries-old olive trees, this farm, open to sincere and genuine hospitality, emerges candid and true. That of Fiorella and Francesco who welcome guests to their home: in this 1700 Masseria, in the hamlet of Montalbano in the fertile countryside of Fasano, which Fiorella inherited from her family together with the olive trees and trulli.

Between the trulli, the olive trees and the sea

Masseria Mozzone

Everything has been left as it was, only made a little more comfortable in order to make the most of this piece of Apulian history that maintains the original characteristics, banning the presence of televisions in the room, to fully experience the context and sounds of the nature.

From the fresh suites furnished in a simple way to the garden created in the small citrus grove defended by the high walls and irrigated with channels dug into the stone in the “Arab way” to the swimming pool, a perfect square set among the fragrant bushes of aromatic herbs that shield the white trulli background.

Swinging on the swing, swimming in the pool, scanning the sea on the horizon from the terraces, walking on the breach that creaks under your feet, browsing in the small chapel, wandering among the sheltered courtyards, the arches, the stairs: all at Masseria Mozzone, immersed among the large secular olive trees overlooking the sea, it is dressed in poetry and tells the purest atmosphere of Puglia.

Masseria Mozzone

The gaze sweeps far away, absorbing all the powerful light, which almost blinds when reflected on the white of the walls, and everything invites you to a holiday dedicated to peace and tranquility. In the evening, however, the small white village takes on an air of fairy tale with the necklaces of small and flickering lights that welcome those who enter the large courtyard overlooked by the suites housed in the trulli and in the rooms once used as a storage or shelter for the animals.

In the morning, breakfast awaits guests on the porch set up with tables set and a buffet full of delicious homemade preparations such as jams made from fruit harvested in the farm. A blast from the past enjoy the coffee prepared in the Neapolitan coffee pot and poured into Grottaglie ceramic cups.

Masseria Mozzone

Tradition also returns in the prickly pear shovels that wink from the walls whitened by lime milk, from the stairs hanging from the walls and from the clay vases in which plants with colorful flowers contrast harmoniously with the white spaces of the farm that houses double triple rooms all with private facilities and breakfast, and apartments with kitchen with kitchenette, living room, fireplace and bathroom.

All this is flanked by respect and love for one’s land that can be savored by reservation even at dinner with 0 km products: one above all the extra virgin olive oil cold extracted from the finest local crops and from secular olive grove that surrounds the farm.

Masseria Mozzone

Refined in its simplicity, Masseria Mozzone enchants but the surroundings are no less. Walking among the centuries-old olive trees with twisted trunks and hugging them gives a feeling of true well-being: the physical contact of the embrace in contact with the rough bark free in the blood oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress. Seeing is believing!

And if you don’t feel like hugging the trunk, sit at the foot of the plant for at least fifteen minutes: it works the same to absorb the energetic properties of these great old plants.

Not far away is the sea whose blue line emerges beyond the silvery waves of the olive trees, while near Masseria Mozzone there is the Dolmen of Montalbano. We recommend that you reach it with a short and pleasant walk at sunset, when the stone turns gold and the atmosphere becomes mystical.

This interesting testimony of the megalithic civilization of Puglia is found on the edge of one of the many blades, fractures caused in the rock by temporary streams, present in the area. It probably dates back to the early Bronze Age, between 2000 and 1500 BC. and it is also called Tavola dei Palatini because of its shape created by two slabs driven into the ground and the stone roof, which resembles an altar or a table.

Masseria Mozzone

On your return, enjoy the silence and coolness that these solid walls guarantee. Our room, simple and spacious, located on the ground floor overlooks a small and intimate internal courtyard with high dry stone walls where small trees provide shade and comfortable deckchairs invite you to lie in the sun.

Masseria Mozzone
C.da Mozzone – Montalbano di Fasano (Br)
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