If you are not looking for an ordinary holiday, but want to immerse yourself in the scent of the earth and its fruits to feel part of nature, savoring the tradition and living the unique experience of being guests at the home of a family that will welcome you warmly, the one on the maso is right for you!

Vacation on a South Tyrolean maso


To us, this type of holiday, in close contact with a peasant reality more than a thousand kilometers from home, was missing. And we were able to experience it thanks to the press tour tailor-made for us and Otto by Gallo Rosso, the brand of the farmhouse in South Tyrol, which gave us the opportunity to be hosted by the Kompatscher family on the Funtnatscherhof maso in the picturesque village of Fiè, at feet of the Sciliar, which with its unmistakable shape is the mountain symbol of the region.

The area between the Alpe di Siusi and the Altopiano dello Sciliar is among the most beautiful in South Tyrol, a place that offers wonderful landscapes and unspoiled nature.
And here at 900 meters high, with the mighty walls of the Sciliar in the background and a few steps from the main square of the village, there is the maso, consisting of the stable and the family home with guest apartments.

This building, which has retained its typical rural appearance on the outside, inside is comfortable and well furnished, with all the amenities that make your holiday pleasant: modern and comfortable furnishings, natural wood floors and breathtaking views from the large windows overlooking the valley and the village where the two bell towers of the Parish Church and the Church of San Pietro sul Colle stand out.

The farm offers 5 lovely apartments of various sizes whose names reflect those of the mountains surrounding Fiè allo Sciliar: Hammerwand, Tschafon, Dolomiten, Rosengarten and Schlern.

The name Funtnatscherhof of the maso, however, derives from the Latin and means dead well or run-down ground with source. Thomas, who welcomes us and Otto while his wife Paula is on vacation in Malta, tells us with no small effort in speaking to us in Italian, the story of the farm that has belonged to his family for 200 years.

It is no wonder that it is an effort here to turn to guests in Italian as South Tyrol until the end of the First World War, when South Tyrol was attributed to Italy, has been part of Austria for over five centuries. While today it belongs to the Trentino Alto Adige Special Statute Region where the autonomies of three ethnic minorities are recognized, the Italian, the German and the Ladin who have equal rights and recognitions in the public administration.

In the Middle Ages the farm belonged to the chapter of the Cathedral of Bressanone and the first historical information appears in the documents in 1351. Coming today, it was the first in Fiè to rent the holiday apartments while dating back to 24/10/1988 the title of Erbhof, that is the attribution of “ancestral maso” that honors families who have handed down the maso for at least 200 years from generation to generation.

Thomas took over the management in 1991 and in 1994 married Paula. Since then they take care of it together with their 5 sons: Lukas, the eldest who lives and works in Munich, Julian, Felix and the twins Emil and Isolde whom we met during our stay.

With Paula, after returning from her holiday, we prepared the dumplings (we tell you about it in #buongusto) and visited the farm, starting from the rooms under the large house where is allocated the heating system that uses the wood collected in the woods by Thomas and his boys and that guarantees the warmth and hot water in the apartments.

The second stop is the stable where the 15 cows are milked every morning and every evening, producing the delicious milk that is offered to guests every day.
Upon entering, the first to greet are the shy and sweet Aries breed bunnies with characteristic drooping ears, opposite the lively Otto, the house horse.

Cows and calves are accustomed to the presence of strangers and do not shy away from our cuddles, while in the background the fatty pigs and chickens to which the fresh eggs collected every morning are made are felt, which guarantee tastes of the past in the rich breakfast basket.


Breakfast on the maso is a real sensory experience! The smell of bread and croissants has passed through the door since early morning … And once opened, a large basket appears with all the good things!

From fresh milk to homemade yogurt, from eggs to jams by fruits picked in the woods and in the countryside around the farm, from coffee that comes directly from Caroma, the town’s toaster, to herbal tea from the Pflegerhof farm.
There is no shortage of apple juice and honey from the nearby Tasiolerhof, while cheese and butter are purchased from the MILA dairy, where the Kompatscher family delivers their milk. The delicious seasonal fruit basket, fresh oat flakes and tasty muesli complete the offer.

In the evening, dinner is guaranteed by home-made bread, cheese and speck to be enjoyed with a good Antonius beer from the Fié brewery which, together with the other typical, local and home-made products, is available in the maso shop.

With our Otto we lived our holiday on the maso guest of the “Hammerwand” apartment, located on the first floor, with a large balcony, spacious living room with kitchen equipped with dishwasher, kettle, oven, refrigerator and coffee machine, a comfortable room bedroom and a large bathroom. The infrared cabin, a “heat bath” with beneficial effects on the back and joints, alleviating any pain and relaxing body and mind, is a much appreciated plus when returning from outdoor walks.


At their disposal, guests of the farm Funtnatscherhof find the MobilCard, with which those who do not have a car or do not want to travel with their own vehicle, can reach Bolzano in just 30 minutes for a walk. Then return to the farm and the fairytale atmosphere of the landscape that surrounds it.

Fam. Paula and Thomas Kompatscher
Obervöls, Via Sciliar 35 – Fiè allo Sciliar
Info: +39 0471 725118 – 333 3469644
www.funtnatscherhof.it – ​​info@funtnatscherhof.it

In collaboration with Gallo Rosso Agriturismo in South Tyrol

Gallo Rosso


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