Arturo: valutazione 5 ossiThe welcome for us and our “furry” friend to Kaleidos Guest House in Galatina (https://www.cittameridiane.it/en/galatina-the-wonder-of-the-everyday/) was perfect! To do the honors Dr. Luigi Galluccio Mezio who not only showed us all the rooms in the palace a few steps from the main square but he told us the story, as well as the ancient walls, set in the city of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul and the Basilica of Saint Catherine. But the warm hospitality of our host went further: in fact, he suggested new itineraries to publish on our blog telling some interesting stories about the town.

Then, in our room on the ground floor to avoid Arturo the stairs now very tiring for him, we found all, fours and two legs, a sweet surprise: for us a small and inviting guantiera of pasticciotti and fruttoni of the local and renowned pastry Ascalone, for Arturo cookies in gift box and two beautiful bowls all for him. That, as then we confirmed the owner of the guest house the most gentle Regina Galluccio Mezio with whom we chatted in the morning during the rich breakfast, were used for the first time right from Arturo, the first furry visitor of the structure and as such decreed “mascot ” of Kaleidos.
Regina entertained us with the history of the family palace where in one part of the ground floor was even located a car wash, his respectful restoration and choice of Kaleidos name as referring to both the history of the town, connected to the greek world, and the color, the main protagonist of the entire structure was opened to the public in July of 2015 after just over a year of work.

The interiors have the charm of the original architectural features: the thick walls, the tall windows, the floor cement tiles produced right here in Galatina, different in every room. The main feature of the whole building in fact it is the floor with the help and support of young and talented architect Maria Carla Lini who followed Reginain the work, has been maintained the original there where it was possible, while in the rooms which was not recoverable it has been replaced by more neutral modern cement tiles with a particular flower-shaped design on the same planner.
And the colors taken from the floor of the brick give birth to combinations and textures in perfect doses games that emphasize the formal whole cleaning. The decor mixes family pieces, hand-crafted furniture designed by architect and owner together often with recycled materials: old doors and shutters have become shelves, while the nightstands were created with wrought iron and scrap tiles. A well-deserved nod to ceramic lamps made in Cutrofiano realized on a design by the owner father, a retired anesthesiologist with the passion of the story of the history and local art.

Wherever dominates the color for precise will and choice of Regina that for her guest house also open to pets that loves so much has banned minimalism and made no concession to fashion: this house is a small utopia ready to defy time. You can choose between 5 different types of room, from Kloros a ground floor equipped for the disabled that we were assigned to avoid the stairs to our Arturo, to the large Kepos suites which if necessary can accommodate up to four people. More intimate charm in Ouranos room with the loft which houses the bed under the vaulted ceilings with a skylight from which you look at the sky and stars, but if necessary can be closed by a curtain controlled electrically. The bathroom, with cabinet in sight, under the loft and is also equipped with chromotherapy shower. Dominated by the red and yellow tones the other two large rooms on the first floor, Foinix and Xantos, very bright, with balconies and ideal for couples.

Regina, greeting invites us to go when we want adding “a ground floor room with no stairs is always ready for you” and extending the invitation also other pets at home: our cat Bice. And we can not wait to get back in the colorful world of Kaleidos Guest House in Galatina!

Kaleidos Guest House
Via Pietro Siciliani 67, Galatina – Lecce
Info: +39 349 5844083 – +39 0836 1903729
www.kaleidosguesthouse.it info@kaleidosguesthouse.it


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