Hospitality has always been an art in Emilia Romagna. The facilities of the Batani Select Hotels chain that welcome guests in refined and comfortable environments are certainly no exception. Together with our Otto we were guests of the Hotel Miramonti, overlooking the Acquapartita lake on the Romagna side of the Apennines, a place where the scents and colors are an integral part of this oasis in the woods of Bagno di Romagna.


In the woods of Bagno di Romagna

Try to close your eyes and imagine a hilly landscape with warm colors and thick woods of ancient trees. You will believe you had a wonderful dream. But this is not the case: that place really exists and is located in the magical landscape of the Apennines of Romagna which in the autumn period reserves perfumes from which to be enveloped and bewitched.


The Miramonti Hotel was inaugurated in the early 90s and is part of that group of hotels, each with its own peculiarities, created by the patriarch Antonio Batani in which the common denominator is the attention to every detail combined with the passion for hospitality, which makes the guest feel, including hairy, in the family.

After investing in prestigious structures on the Riviera Romagnola creating the international hotel chain Batani Select Hotels, which boasts eleven hotels in Italy and one in Romania, right here in the Alto Savio where he was born he built this modern structure conceived as an oasis of well-being where he really feels at home.

The 55 rooms have interiors rich in atmosphere that reflect the local “art of living”, while the most demanding customers find ample satisfaction in the refined restaurant dedicated to the patron Tonino, starting from the abundant and varied buffet breakfast based on fresh products coming from the Batani Farm.

For over 20 years and on twenty hectares of land owned by the family, raw materials, fruit and vegetables, but also oil and eggs have been produced, which arrive every day in the kitchens of the restaurants of the hotels of the Batani chain and end up in the exclusive recipes between tradition and creativity that chefs offer at the table.

We were able to appreciate the dishes based on the vegetables collected in the fields between the lake and the hotel and used in tortelli alla piastra and on the bruschetta of the tasty appetizer, the homemade stuffed pasta and the fine meats of local cows of the Romagnola breed, with the inevitable and irresistible fried porcini mushrooms, on menus that do not give up the flavors of the renowned local gastronomy.


To dispose of everything, walks in the millenary forests along the ancient mule tracks in the surrounding chestnut woods and with E-bikes are ideal, for those who choose to stay at the hotel.

Total relaxation is guaranteed by the “Dolce Vita Spa” wellness program with sauna, bio sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool bath, emotional shower and Finnish shower, which can be completed by the various beauty treatments offered and exercises in the fitness area.

Welcomed by the very kind Orietta we had the entire spa available for two hours with a pleasant break with infusions, herbal teas and the delicious sweets prepared by the chef and the further plus of the exclusive use of the indoor and outdoor heated swimming pool. Very pleasant to continue the swim in the heat while the damp air of the winter evening pinched our faces!

Moreover, the spa, recently renovated, is the flagship of the Hotel Miramonti, the perfect place to spend a detox holiday based on a complete wellness experience, surrounded by nature and pampered by pleasant and never invasive hospitality , in full Batani’s touch style.

What is it about? We’ll talk you about it by telling you the story of the Batani family. Everything started right here, where the Hotel Miramonti now stands and where Antonio Batani was born, then emigrated to Saint Moritz to be a waiter. There the first impact with a high-class hotellerie, the one he later wanted to bring to his Romagna, starting from the Pensione Delia in Cervia and then arriving at the current twelve hotels of the Select Hotels chain. Among which there is what has always represented his greatest dream, the Grand Hotel in Rimini where Federico Fellini had always booked suite 315 for himself.

He acquired it in 2007 and the following year, after a careful and faithful restoration, made it the most precious gem of the Batani hotel chain and celebrated its centenary with a legendary evening. And always there he left at the age of 79, in one of the rooms of one of the most famous hotels in the world, which welcomed illustrious guests, from Lady Diana to Emperor Hirohito, up to Kissinger, Gorbachev, Bush senior, the Dalai Lama.

But if the patron Tonino Batani is no longer there, his touch is still very present because carried on by his family who continues to keep up the banner of family hospitality and at the same time professional, simple and refined. What makes these hotels the favorites of those who frequent the area between the Apennines and the Riviera Romagnola in any season.

A special thanks goes to the ladies Lia, in the dining room and Daniela and Cinzia at the desk for their kindness and to the director Gianni Serra who passionately spoke to us about his homeland giving us the ideas to visit it at its best. We have not been able to do everything, but it will be this that will push us to return to deepen our knowledge of this territory of a thousand shades. Of which we took away taste and perfumes through the box with jam and oil packed with products grown on the family farms.

Miramonti hotel
Via Acquapartita, 103 – Bagno di Romagna (FC)
Info: +39 0543 903640 –

In collaboration with Batani Select Hotels


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