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Who of you have never dreamt of having a castle all to yourself? Spending even a single night like a queen or a king? Me, Michele and Arturo had the chance to live such a dream in Casamassella, near Uggiano La Chiesa, in the province of Lecce. A small town gathered around a beautiful square on which stands the Castello De Viti De Marco. Majestic and severe from the outside, internally it hides beautiful gardens and a striking ambience that recalls a maize extending to different floors, tunnels and large rooms.

The family De Viti de Marco, Marquis of Casamassella, once lived here, with Antonio one of the most famous Italian economists, giving the town great prestige. But the people here are attached to the memory of the elegant figure of Mrs. Julia, the sister of the economist, who used to distribute sweets and gifts to the local children, who anxiously awaited the moment when the noblewoman, on board of her car, was passing through the streets handing out sweets and chocolates. She finished her generous life in poverty and the castle was sold at auction in the late ’60s, when it was purchased by the current owners, the family De Donno. Her invisible magnanimous presence still watches over the castle, giving serenity to those who stay: you should try it!

We can confirm it, as we spent a whole night inside the massive walls and the lush garden, plunged in absolute silence, interrupted only by the rustle of the wind through the leaves and lit by a moon so bright as to make unnecessary the lights in the entrance hall. A feeling of extreme solitude and concentration that made us intensely live our fantasy in a castle rich in history and charm.

Castello De Viti De Marco
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 1, Casamassella di Uggiano La Chiesa – Lecce
Tel. +39 3351412346 ; +39 3357083331 – Fax +39 0832 399317

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