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Born thirty years ago, the Village of Serra Alimini 1 is the more historic of Otranto, but over the years has turned into a essential attraction for those who frequents the area, enriched with spaces dedicated to relaxation, entertainment, sports, and also to flavors. On a coast where nature is still untouched just steps from the blue Adriatic Sea.

In the village there is the small square, where after a day dedicated to the sea at the beach or stroll through the tree-lined streets, you can relax while drinking a cocktail or enjoying fresh fish dishes, traditional version or revisited with intelligence at La Piazzetta, the restaurant of the residence. Here the chef Giuseppe Sebastian Catalano, who trained at ALMA International School of Italian Cuisine, in a casual but elegant ambience offers his dishes, reinterpretations of Salento but also personal elaboration inspired by the places and the chefs with whom he worked previously.

Among the most popular recipes, try the refined red shrimp on cherry compote and white chocolate and macaroons to beetroot stuffed with strawberries and watermelon sorbet, served as fresh interlude between Ligurian tradition dish like cappon magro, created by the chef with bread, basil, amberjack, potatoes, zucchini, red shrimp and Norway lobster, and the dumpling to beetroot to white veal stew of sheep cheese fondue. Dishes that are true gifts by Catalano to the region where he learned many of the tricks of the trade, Liguria, and to his great teacher, Gualtiero Marchesi. The menu we tasted did not fail to wink at the Apulia of origin of Chiara and Francesco Lagravinese, the very kind of local managers, who come from Acquaviva delle Fonti, the first step of the Murge of Bari. Among the starters a worthy space has gone to the exquisite burratina of Noci enriched with crispy neck, tomato confit, anchovy fillet and broccoli and basil pesto: a real explosion of flavor!

Before sampling the tataki tuna with sweet and sour onions and spinach, our palate was delighted by another tribute of the chef: this time the reference region is Piedmont and the dish classic “raviolini del plin”. But also effective in this case was the touch of the chef who has transformed a whole Northern specialties in a tasty preparation of seafood flavor through the inclusion of a stuffed clams and red snapper and a fresh sauce made with seared red mullet and cream peas. Arrived at the dessert, a delicious chocolate mousse with creme brulee with chocolate and apricot jam, we had the honor to have at the table with us Francesco and Chiara who told us about the philosophy behind their management of the restaurant and also the kiosk on the beach offering a service and a number of quality preparations from the raw material, the brothers choose to person and daily by fishmongers of Otranto and Torre dell’Orso. “Because you can do catering accessible at level costs” – said Francesco, who closed his season here, will return to Zurich, where along with his girlfriend runs a restaurant serving Lebanese cuisine to a high level.

“Good food creates awareness: we reconnect with ourselves, others and the environment. But through the food culture we want to do first of all with which to transmit values such as discipline and dedication. In the era of talent show can sometimes go wrong message: that dedicate yourself to catering to both easy and fast. It is not so because it is essential to try to always cultivate the quality”. It is the obsession of Francesco who, after having created and tested his team composed by the chef Giuseppe Sebastian Catalano and four chef de partie who will take care of the 200 seats with à la carte menu at La Piazzetta here in Alimini 1 in Otranto until late September, then he wants to take them with him in Zurich to complete his plan to open an Italian restaurant in town. The rest, as they say, never change a winning team!
Meanwhile, La Piazzetta, in whose menu does not miss the meat and a varied selection of pizzas, is waiting for you every day from 19.30 to 23.45, in the heart of the village Alimini 1.

Ristorante – Pizzeria La Piazzetta
Villaggio Serra degli Alimini 1 – Otranto (Le)
Info: tel. +39 389 099 0871 –

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